Free TV? No more!


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Ok guys. Things are looking dim no? Yes they are. You know why because FTA is going down the drain too along with whatever they came up with like the syndrome card and avr-x.. Sell your FTAs right away because in 2-3 weeks they will be in no use. Just letting the dss community know.

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Thanks expert, do you work for DN?

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dsSeXpErT: I guessed you could not make your system to work this time ?

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To H3lt3r_sk3lt3r: Your welcome and I do not want to answer.

To satlover: I did, I watched the NFL game yesterday did you? Best game so far. :-)

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The keys were posted way before the game genius.
Now go away with your Miss Cleo predictions.
You think a simple key change that was fixed the same day is going to make people sell their units? Not too bright are you Mr. Expert?

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just another chicken little, spreading doomsday not worth reading.

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it is working fine and will be working for at least till summer

Daves step brotther!
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How sweet it is!!!!!!!!
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