Using DTV recievers in different houses?


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is this possible? can I get five recievers, use them in different houses, and divide the bill five ways? Will DTV know? Do they care?

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Yes, it is possible
Yes, you can get 5 receivers,
Yes, you can use them in different houses
Yes, you can divide the bill five ways
Yes, if one of your partners, or one of your partners spouses, or one of your partners kids screws up with the receiver, they will find YOU out.
Yes, they do care. If you get caught, all 5 of you will get sued up the wazzu in a federal court, minimum out-of-court settlement for about $3000 up, each.
Anyway, if you don't know any of the above, your chances of getting caught are really high. You wouldn't think someone with an illegal setup would call DAVE to complain about station reception or ask a question, but they do (usually an innoncent spouse). You wouldn't think someone with an illegal receiver would plug their home phone line into the receiver, but they do. You wouldn't think someone would play with their card and plug it into someone else receivers (which IS plugged into the phone line), but they do.
Just a word of advice, EVERYONE who shared subscriptions thru Canadian Hack sites were found out - every one is in serious trouble. Sorry, I don't think you should do this with 4 other families - too much chance of a royal screw job.

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That guy must work for Dave, just make sure no one calls DTV to complain if they have any problems and you'll be fine, even if they plug in the phone line you will just get charged for any ppv they might have bought. My buddies kid plugged in the phone line once and I ended up getting billed for like $50 in ppv. But I never heard a word from DTV. I guess they figured if I didn't complain then they were one up on me. Plus if they do bust you they just deactivate you. It is not illegal to share a sub, all access is being payed for. It is however a breach of your service contract. Breaking the law and breaching a contract are two different things. So the worst they can do is discontinue your service and charge you something like $150 per reciever, or whatever the early termination fee is.

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I have a dynasat silverboxII installed in my home and viewing Dream tv from Agilla2. Can I use the same receiver in viewing Dish tv India from nss6

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Whats does this have to do with sharing a DTV sub?...NOTHING...U are a Hijacker...and will be treated as one!
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