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have two dishes set up with the switches one pointed at 110 and one at 119. I aslo have two recievers hooked up and when one changes the channle the other reciever freezes. Also the second reciever doesn't get some channles unless reciever one is on the same sat of that channle.

I don't understand why this is like.

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Obviously U don't have the cables ,switches and receivers system antennae menu setup correctly...suggest U do some reading about using the correct switches,cables and LNB's..U provide no info we can use to help ..

have 2 dual lnbs.
have one cable(regular coax) from each lnb go to a diseqc switch for one reciever. Same for the second.
I do have the switch numbers correct on the antennae menu setup.
One thing I did notice that after download of channels some channels came in on one reciever but not on the other.
Could the dishes just not be 100% pointed correctly or do I have a bad switch?

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I am using cs pro and viewsat plat. Both are ghooked to same disk with dual LNB and separate switches. Both work fine if other is off, but when turn both on they search for signal ans lose channels. Switches are correct.
Any suggestions on problem?

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Jim.. need to be more specific...dual LNB or twin LNB?..legacy or dish pro...sounds like bad configuration...read the NOOBS thread here..
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