Al7bar.t*k sold to Panarex and Blacklist (Sat Pro's)


Al7bar.t k the members there are treated 3rd class at best. Still not one word of this has been posted as of now. Sat Pros = Panarex. My guess Mr Kim (owner) and his Brother in Law AKA Blacklist just wanted it to be keep quiet. Funny Blacklist was the brainchild born out of Al7bar. When sales were down they needed a lift, so out of the ashes came Blacklist. They picked the Dumbest SOB they could pick to play the part of Blacklist.I think I would like to be warned if two Dip Chits like that are about to take over a site I was part of.

Remember the crap Mr Kim (Panarex)and Blacklist pulled off with the bin clone killers. Who in their right mind would want any part of them or their new site, which they haven't even told their own members about yet.

BTW..most of the mods are leaving and price was $150K.

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-Yes tell me where I can find the dirt bags and
I will take care of them!!!!

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how can you prove that???

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Here is a post from al7
Originally Posted by forever
Hello all...
I would like to address all our members to the future of al7bar. tk. Al7bar. tk has been my home for some 21 months and has been a GREAT home! I have been able to deal with scores of people, online, via telephone and in person and have gained a mountain of knowledge and some great friends! It has come time in my life to make some changes in my life and sadly I must say I must leave al7bar. tk (soon) as management to spend more time with my family and have more personal time. With this being said al7bar will be changing hands come November 1, 2005.

I believe al7bar. tk will continue its course to be a great site and a great location for much knowledge. The people taking over the mangement have little to no intention of changing al7bar. tk and or its present moderators. As we all know many things make a great site and one important item "moderators" is very important as I believe it best they continue here. As the moderators of this site are important to me here on the site and off the site, I congradulate them all on well done work and am honored to be friends with them all.

The new admin will be using the name "free4all" and I believe he will do a fine job.

End of Post....

The DSS Guy has been booted for contraversial reasons, all kinds of drama going on over at al7bar. tk.

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There's always an alternative especially with information on the internet, I don't see what the big fuss is about.

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Has anyone heard of these guys

Or is this another ripoff

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Here is a post from another site:

Flapping your lips on msn will get you in trouble.
jack says:
i dont thinl the processors we r usin now will have any problems at all says:
blacklist on phone now says:
jack says:
k says:
he's denying the prob says:
ruh roh says:
that means your wrong says:
jack says:
lol im lost-he,s denying the prob? says:
denying that the st-5518 will not cut it
jack says:
ok says:
ok says:
off phone now says:
jack says:
lol says:
these threads are stirring sh_t up
jack says:
do u think our current fta,s like c00lsat and such will or will not handle it? says:
well says:
from what blacklist just said says:
their new bins will take up to 8 minutes to autoroll says:
IF dn wants to be nasty says:
they can roll keys several times a day says:
not saying they wont work says:
just gonna be more of a pain to watch tv says:
newer faster units will work like before says:
key rolls will go un noticed
jack says:
well i dont think dish will do that-they kill 100s of legal systems when they do that says:
but if what giver says is true
jack says:
they have even killed my moms leagl system b4 when they did key changes says:
they can hash by running 512 bit in the ecm says:
and combine it w/768 bit in the mecm says:
and overload the FTA's says:
causing freezing and need to reboot says:
constantly says:
hehe less than 2 mo. ago you never thought we'be even be having such a conversation
jack says:
true-but things do change says:
N2 baby says:
even on a 2300
jack says:
just like this hobby- says:
yep says:
can u keep another secret says:
for now?
jack says:
sure says:
tk sold for 150k says:
40k was deposited yest says:
by sat pros
jack says:
wow says:
Nov 1st
jack says:
by sat pros says:
i have to find a new home
jack says:
lol says:
forever said
jack says:
i thouht hashu was yours 55 says:
Bob, you've got a name says:
if you want to make a move
jack says:
50% says:
write it up right says:
and io'll; let it run in latest announcements says:
i get nothing says:
its forevers site says:
THEN says:
r u eady 4 this 1? says:
Eric heard about it says:
and offerd 60k for hashhu last nite says:
Eric= C00LSAT says:
one things is for sure says:
never a dull moment in this hobby says:

jack says: says:
f_ck it all says:
i'm prolly headed for calif.
jack says:
jack says:
y says:
to aid & help out junkwak (Viewsat) and make some d0h! says:
more news... says:
r u ready?
jack says:
yup says:
C00lsats locked up by customs
jack says:
no way? says:
NOT dolby licensed says:
jack says:
oh hell says:
customs is busting balls lately
jack says:
oh fock says:
jack says:
so i bet those c00lsats are gonna be used by customs agents lol says:
jun kwak will have viewsat released today says:
nah returned to korea tho says:
look on the page of the link i sent you says:
Opentech is listed says:
=viewsat says:
hubbtech=c00lsat is NOT says:
more mismanagement by eric says:
new c00lsat 5000 will have conexant proc too says:
they are literally dumping units (4000 Pro)
jack says:
but will it get past customs? says:
in Nov. says:
they will learn from their mistakes says:
dumbass's says:
but hey says:
what do i know? says:

jack says:
but will the 500,s get past customs w/the dolby in them?
jack says:
5000,s says:
sure in Nov
jack says:
k says:
they will learn from this experience
jack says:
jack says:
have u seen a 5000 yet? says:
i'm supposed to get 1 next week
jack says:
kewl says:
unless i've pissed eric off again says:
jack says:
lol says:
i do live on the edge
jack says:
thats the best way-keeps life exciting says:
it hasn't set right w/me since i found all this out says:
aug12 says:
my apology post says:
korea dumping units they know will have probs w/n2 says:
while they retool w/fater proc's says:
jack says:
hmmm says:
slimy gooks says:
pansat=guilty too
jack says:
hell thats korea for ya lol says:
a mo. or so till DN tightens sh_t up says:
dump dump dump says:
not cool says:
but if i say anything=cutoff of info says:
soooo says:
i put chris732 up to it last nite says:
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

jack says: says:
interesting thread at newbies says:
huh? says:

jack says:
yea for sure i read it says:
i been busting to tell someone says:
so i unloaded last nite says:
and pointed him to supporting threads says:
and did a littl c&p myself says:

jack says:

jack says:
kewl says:
always have tried to get the info out there jack
jack says:
so should i wait for a new 5000 c00lsat now? says:
just sometimes i was bound & gagged
jack says:
should i sell my 4000? says:
i think so
jack says:
k says:
but i have been wrong before
jack says:
wonder what the dam price will be on the 5000 says:
nobopdy knows what dn will do for sure
jack says:
$400? says:
but theres alot of supporting info
jack says:
yea says:
nah 349 says:
maybe 299
jack says:
hell thats more than a db says:
honestly says:
no hype says:
grab a 200 viewsat
jack says:
really huh? says:
$200\ says:
dude says:
its on my 65 HD right now says:
my main box says:
and u knwo i've been a c00lsat man since the beginning
jack says:
i know that for sure says:
box has many exclusive features says:
it has lnb type OCS-DP fopr dishpro says:
and will scan all channels with DP head says:
it has fastest channel changes says:
best epg says:
instant evenm says:
it has sort by sid says:
whenever dn shuffles channels
jack says:
but i hear no blind scan? says:
i just do a factory reset says:
rescan says:
sort by sid says:
and always have all channels working says:
without a channel list says:
10 minutes says:
never unhook from tv says:
back up in DN order says:
and channel numbers
jack says:
thats a + says:
it already has autoroll says:
but not released yet till they encrypt the bin says:
many more features too says:
16 megs RAM says:
universal remote says:
PIP guide lets u surf channels says:
and select says:
w/full epg on all
lemme run says:
we chat later
jack says:
k cya says: says:


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I don't know whether to trust TDG anymore or say what al7 says about him, I mean he did post useful info but then again he posted some BS too.

My question is what will this info change once DN fully integrates its channels to n2? People with older recievers will either use old recievers if they'll function correctly or buy new once that will have more processing power.

It is pointless right now to listen to anyone who doesn't know or maybe has an idea of what's coming but not sure what exactly it is, just wait and see don't rush out and blow all your budget on a cat in the bag.

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can somebody please explain what those dudes there talking about?

h3lt3r sk3lt3r
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The future of fta, but as far as anything goes right now they're about as clueless as you.

h3lt3r sk3lt3r
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The future of fta, but as far as anything goes right now they're about as clueless as anyone.

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-FTA-GOT NO FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

h3lt3r sk3lt3r
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Thank you, could you please clue us all in on the equipment swap, the ever so growing theory of a card only hack, nag 1.8 and not nag2, anything else I'm forgetting?

That's exactly what people like you were saying this summer before the n2 hit, and guess what...
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