NO Need For Channel Lists anymore!


Bosox LK
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No need for channel list anymore!

Works on all Pansat Series. Might take a few try's to get it to work.

1. Delete ALL channels on ird.

2. Go into SAT Edit and rename your Dish 110 to ECHO 110 and rename Dish 119 to ECHO 119. (the space between ECHO and 110 is important!)

3. do a BLIND scan on each sat, ECHO 110 & ECHO 119. (Takes At least 10 min per sat) NOTE: My 2700 got "hung up" during a blind scan, I stopped, deleted the partially loaded channel list, for that SAT only, re scanned to 100%, all ok.

4. When complete, push SAT button on remote, you will now have a choice you have not previously had "ECHOSTAR PACKAGE"

5. Select ECHOSTAR PACKAGE and select any channel. This will convert EPG Button to ECHOSTAR PACKAGE and your epg will match match DISH Network channels. ( provided you are pointed at 110 and 119)

After doing this, you will see there is no need to load a channel list and epg works fast on most channels, slow to come up on others.

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Hey Bosox.....I have an old FTA with no epg capacity, so will this work for me ? If not, whats the best way to update every time channels are moved ? Thanks.

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Can this work on other brands

h3lt3r sk3lt3r
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LK (are you the real LK? :-) Haven't seen you on here in a while) speaking of charlie channel switching, I just ran across this channel list (Superdish121-[dark0]-10-2-05-Channel List.rar) on al7bar, the author says it's echostar package ready, I have yet to try it.



"Works on all Pansat Series"


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the list guy
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IF U want to use a channel list, Dido Smith makes the best..

Great channel lists...for both DP DishPro and legacy LNB's...located at File Share FTA area of www.dsscommunity.c om

!!DS Bundle Package - DishPro Users
(size: 173.5 KB last modified: 09-30-2005 )
Dido Smith's Latest-DishPro

!!DS Bundle Package - Legacy Users
(size: 174.2 KB last modified: 09-30-2005 )
Dido Smith's Latest-Legacy

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Bosox LK 1
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h3lt3r sk3lt3r
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lol....and as the DSS community once said, "if it weren't for Eddie, who would we blame LK's faults on?" Lay off of TVLand. :-)

Bosox LK 1
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I'm shocked that anyone here even heard of Eddie Haskell....U guys must be old as dirt like me or watch alot of old TV....LOL

BTW...thank you Mr Cleaver.

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