StarChoice Freebie


StarChoice Freebie
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Hey All...

A friend of mine gave me an old tenants StarChoice Dish with an LNB. Woohoo - I think.

It does not come with a receiver but I figure I could get a ForTec or Koolsat and maybe get something on this dish???

The dish itself is 25.5 inches wide by 27.5 inches high and appears to have 2 outputs on the LNBF. It has a nice sturdy arm for the LNB too, but no motor.

Is there anything I can do with this dish?

It is sitting on the floor in front of me right now, taunting me to make it do something....

Help me out guys and girls...

Unregistered guest
-Sure can, give me your address and I will come
over and ram that dish all the way up your azz.
Is taunting U because it wants to corn o U, U
fu@king FOOL. Then we can call U class-eeeeeeee
azz eeeeeeeeeeeee. "WHAT A STUPID POST U FU@KING MORON"....Did your moma have any kids
that lived??????????????

StarChoice Freebie
Unregistered guest
Wow - Anger management classes for you I think...

Did yer momma punch her brother-aka-father in the face for raping her????

I think that's the response you were looking for, yes?

Geeesh get a grip...

Unregistered guest
Don't listen to retards like Thrill1951.

Probably has a very very small p*nis - pity him...

Good luck with the dish..... :-)

Unregistered guest
-The truth is I got a very large dick....And U
would love to put your lips around it, U c_o_c-k
s_u_c-k-er...I know your moma love my dick, she
can s_u_c_k on it 24-7...(He-Ha-He-Ha)
-U want some....come get some!!!!!

Unregistered guest
As far as I know, Starchoice has no freebies or "testing" available. I may be wrong though.....but I am quite certain!

Hey Pal....with all the jerks that have responded to your quest you don't need anyone else dumping on you....about the only option you have is to pick up a Star C. receiver, buy a subscription and enjoy. Cheers....AJ
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