Pansat 3000 software


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hey...just wondering what I can use on my pansat 3000 clone? Is it a good purchase? Im picking one up this week

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Don't buy it, it is a piece of crap. At least with Pantec's you can change it into a 2500a then flash it with the new bins. The 3000 is garbage don't buy it, if you must get a clone buy an $89 Pantec instead. Why not just spend the $170 and get a Pansat 2700 or $210 for a CO0LSAT and at least you don't have to worry?

Pansat 3000 is even Faster
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the Pansat 3000 clone rules, more flash rom memory and faster than the orginal 2500a

exact same as 2500a in all other ways but better

why spend more, they do the same thing, watch TV,

Don't listen to this idiot, a pantec is worst, he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about


U . R. A moron
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There are many lies and deceptive practices performed by many online dealers claiming that their "special FTA receiver" is just as good as the original. The truth is, it is not.The reason for this is their poor product quality. These fake models are made in China with sub-standard manufacturing processes and components.

The wise consumer will purchase a leading brand product and get warranty and support from a company involved in the FTA market, not just a company out to make a quick buck. If it is a case of $10 to $20 dollars, purchase the original unit that is widely supported in the market, save yourself the hassle in the future.


Idiots Hate Clones
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Its like comparing an IBM original way back to an IBM clone, whoopie, they work the same and the Pansat clone 3000 is faster plus has more Flash memory. To top it off it is cheaper. This is why more IBM clones were sold than original IBMs, quality wasn't as pressing as performance where quality was not an issue anyways.

There is no difference except that the Pansat 3000 clone is quite simply better for these reasons. Price and performance.

In short, there are no quality issues only performance and the clone performs better.

Otherwise they work identically and if the clones did cost more, which they do not, it would still be worth the increased performance and flash rom memory. But hey, they want to go with a slower 2500, go for it, it's their money, clones will alway be supported for the number of them out there.

Don't be fooled by idiots, save your money and get the best you can buy.

jesus R A
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quien me puede desir de una pag. web para comprar aparatos de FTA O EL FORTEC STAR ULTRA QUE SEA CONFIABLE LA PAG.

where can i find the bin for a pansat 3000 or which pansat 2500 bin should i use
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