Should i buy a fta recieveror wait?


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Someone told me that i shouldnt buy any FTA ird's since dish wants everyone to buy all the FTA's and then they will pooof remove them from the stream? On the other hand i read an article on a forum that says that nagra2 is compromised and fta wil be with us for a long time. Im in just a intresting predicament. Should i go buy a fta or wait? I need yal opinions. I was planning to buy a cool sat 4000 pro

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i too have the same question. if someone please have an input that wud greatly be apprciated

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All you can do is close your eyes and jump, if you get 1 month of FTA you got 1 month if you get more all the better , if not well you got what you got.
Remember true FTA is not Dave or Charlie!

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You will be kicking urself if you buy now.. let the morons pay the big bucks for the STB's once dicknet shuts down the nag1 stream the current nag2 hack gone also GAME OVER for a little while until a full nag2 dump don't buy into the hype.. by mid Nov. all the prices will be half what they are now.. Your crazy 2 pay over $200.00 bucks for a month or so of TV ..

it's a gamble
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a fortec is only $115 on ebay and it gets everything! Maybe only good for a month or two, but then again maybe longer...It's a gamble each time. Is $115 worth getting everything for a month+ only you can decide that.

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Buy the C00LSAT. FTA is a great hobby even if you cannot watch Charlie, but I think FTA will be around for awhile.
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