PLEASE HELP! can only view 110 and not 119 PLEASE HELP!


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Someone please help me i have a ppv coming up and its on 119 but i cant currently view 119 (any) i could just view all 110.Sorry if its a stupid question but i've been trying 2 figure it out for hours so someone pleaseeeee help me i'd greatly appreciate the way i have a megasat receiver...thanks

stumped bad
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i can only view 119 most the channels have nosignal on 110 and the ones that do say bad chanel.if i erase all channels and just scan i get 119 110 with the same channels its just 119 stuff and its all comin in on my 110 lnb so if i havent confused everyone what have i done wrong? cause mabee this guy and i have the same prob just reversed

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this is what i did. the same thing happend to me. you just have to load ur origanal channel list if you saved it.

110 is all you need
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nothin on 119 anyways, don't sweat it, most and all the good stuff is on 110 bird

what does 119 have? not much...

Call your service provider and speak to someone who knows what they are doing. Ask them for Test Channels, if there's a Way to monitor singal strength verify if its 0 or just low #s,

with low #s your equipment(cables/multiswitch) could be just damaged ( or the dish is pointed incorrectly) - if you have a Zero it still could be pretty much the same thing...

regaurdless you won't know the source of the problem unless you call in and find out whats going on.


i have the 110 , 119 prob first 119 came in no 110 then i redid it and 110 came in and no 119
help, whats the problem, is it the lnb the switch the prigramming what help please

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u need 2 lnbs for these sats i think.
I just got the second one to see if I can resolve this problem meself.

now hes funny
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hey brine call your service provider and when your done why dont ya just give me your number so i can go your wife and tell her what jail your in ya freak ilmao

what a dope
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brine i can just picture that convo hello dicknet this is brine---- i bought a fortec ultra fta reciever and my channles arent coming in can u help me? dicknet, sure just give us your address and will send someone right out. dont go to the store dont go for gas will be right out to help you out(snickers) ilmao

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110 is all you need

You better check again Dicknet moved a whole mess of Movie channels from 110 2 119
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