Subbing Directv in canada possible ?


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How would a canadian subscribe to DTV in canada? do i need a usa credit card or a address? help please

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I would like to know as well. I know there is a place is winnepeg, but they are super expensive. you would have to acount share,but still is not cheap. I will find you the site ok

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You need someone in the States who subscribes to give you a card for one of their multiple receivers. Of course PPV will not be there as they have to order them.

When it was grey market to hack it, it was highly illegal to sub from the U.S. because the government did not see GST on a service rendered in Canada. However, they could hack it, go figure.

When Powers Corp negotiating with Dave to broadcast here, CRTC demanded Canadian content where Dave got up and left never to return.

Hence, no license to operate in Canada.

Other corporate bullies wanted revenue for their services they had a license, like BEV, not that this had anything to do with Dave but in North America, money talks, like the OJ Simpson of anti-trust (MSFT) legal teams can attest.

Post 911 it became illegal to decrypt foreign signals even though we hypocritically scolded the Russian for the very same thing during the cold was, just as we address improving human rights violations in China today with our urban plight.

Some dealers I hear are providing subs... I dunno... just some background info

Also, NDS will not give Dave the code, they gave him a machine to test the cards on due to lawsuits and finger pinting of past leaks, so a fix where glitching won't work, that needs the EXACT code to get in, does not seem to be in the works right now... mind you anything man made can be reverse engineered with the right tools, in this case a multi million dollar lab and the resources to painstakenly do so... doubtful...

hope the info helps...

Unregistered guest is selling DTV sub sharing to canadians or anybody..for $32.50 per month

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Total Choice Premiere package for 4 months

Discounted Total Choice Premiere package for 4 months using your card. To add extras add them after you selected this product. To activate more than one card/receiver you need to purchase that many times the activation for $179each

Our price: $ 129.00

[link removed]

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There's no Center Ice on the $20 add on?

Is that in American $$$s?

I thought DTV won't activate a P4 anymore?
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