True FTA hardware requirements


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Viewing requirements for "True" FTA

There have been alot of questions lately about what's on other satellites besides Dish and BEV. Here are some things to remember about watching true FTA.

Your 18" or 20" dish with Direct TV/Dish/BEV LNB will not work! For one thing, the dish is too small to pick up the lower frequency signals from the FTA sats. Secondly, the Dish/BEV LNB is for 12.2-12.7 GHz circular (right-left) polarity. Ku FTA sats require 11.7-12.2 GHz linear (horizontal-vertical) polarity. C-band sats require a C-band LNB. Using your Dish Net LNB for FTA is like trying to tune into AM stations on an FM radio.

Some satellites, such as Galaxy 10R and Telstar 5, have both C-band and Ku-band capability. This does not mean that you can use a Ku dish to get C-band signals or vice-versa. Listed below are the dish requirements for each satellite and/or band allocation.

Here's the lowdown on various FTA sats and what's needed to get them:

30" Dish, Ku Linear LNB (4-foot dish in Alaska/Hawaii/Canada/Carribbean) :LOF1/2 = 10750

Galaxy 13 (127W) : Chinese Channels

Galaxy 10R (123W) : UPN , WB, Fox, CBS, ABC Affiliates from Little Rock, Cheyenne, Burlington, Virgin Islands, and others; Pentagon Channel; STEP Star Education Network; KBS America; Univision and Telemundo affiliates; The Tube; Mas Musica; Veterans Affairs; radio stations

AMC-1 (103W) : NBC feeds (these are sporadic and you'll need a blind search receiver to find them)

AMC-4 (101W) : Religious channels; Foreign Channels; Lawyers TV; RTP

Telstar 5 (97W) : Daystar TV; Globecast; hundreds of Foreign TV and radio channels.

Telstar 6 (93W) : CBS and ABC feeds (need blind search receiver); Lord & Taylor

AMC-3 (87W) : PBS stations (requires AC3 audio capability)This sat is not available in Alaska/Hawaii

AMC-5 (79W) : Utah Educational Network; Empire Sports Network This sat is not available in Alaska/Hawaii

SBS-6 (74W): Ohio News Network This sat is not available in Alaska/Hawaii

AMC-6 (72W) : Comcast Southeast This sat is not available in Alaska/Hawaii


C-band 7 to 12-foot dish and LNB :
LOF1/2 = 5150

AMC-8 (139W) : PBS affiliate from Fairbanks; ARCS (programming from Anchorage network affiliates for rural Alaska residents); University of Alaska telecourses; Gavel to Gavel Alaska This sat is not available in Canadian Maritimes

AMC-7 (137W) : Anchorage local stations This sat is not available in Canadian Maritimes

AMC-10 (135W) : Tech TV (requires AC3 audio capability) This sat is not available in Canadian Maritimes

Galaxy 1R (133W) : California Channel This sat is not available in Canadian Maritimes

Satcom C3 (131W) : Bloomberg TV (requires AC3 audio) This sat is not available in Canadian Maritimes

Galaxy 13 (127W) : RFD-TV This sat is not available in Newfoundland

Galaxy 10R (123W) : Outdoor Channel

Telstar 13 (121W) : Fuse; STC (requires AC3 audio capability); TV Washington; Sportsman Channel; Q TV Network (g ay and l esbian channel, requires AC3 audio capability)

Anik F1 (107W) : CTV network (requires 8PSK capable receiver); ASN; Newsworld International; French channels

AMC-1 (103W) : Pax feeds; XYTV (requires AC3 audio capability), religious channels

AMC-4 (101W) : NBC network feeds; religious channels, UCTV

Galaxy 4 (99W) : Religious channels

Telstar 5 (97W) : TCT World, Urban America TV; BYU TV

Galaxy 3C (95W) : Voice of America TV; Horse racing channels; Equity network feeds

Telstar 6 (93W) : CBS Network Feeds (blind search required); CBS HD network feeds (must use HD-capable DVB-S card)

Galaxy 11 (91W) : WB network feeds; Independent stations from L.A.; Fox Movie Channel; EWTN

AMC-3 (87W) : Associated Press; Michigan Gov't; TVU This sat is not available in Alaska/Hawaii

For more detailed info on frequencies, symbol rates, and PIDs, visit www.lyngsat. com

Thank you Lk...Could you recommend 1 dish that could receive both circular and linear...I understand there are lnbs. that will do both. Also with a motor(pkg deal) if you could please..Thanks

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Use the Invacom QPH-031, linear and circular LNB for both uses....also either a Winegard 100cm or a Fortec 120 (1.2M) dish and a Fortec hh120 motor..

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also can use SG 2100 motor...and here's a link to hardware..


Thanks Lk...Much Appreciated
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