Malfunctioning 510s


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Does anyone know how to tame the 510s?

I'm on my third unit since Jan 05.

All have the same problems (I never watch straight from the bird; only recorded programs):
Unit freezes at the end of playback; background color of menu changes; so do the letters in the menu.
Recording red light comes on but the program isn't recorded; or blocks of the recorded program are skipped.
Processing commands from the remote slooooooooows way down.
Sometimes, the red recording light doesn't come on while it should be recording (and it isn't recording). When I check the guide, it still lists that it has been programmed to record.

Rebooting the system daily doesn't solve the problem. Sometimes, I've rebooted the unit 3 times during the day.

Rebooting unfreezes it. Rebootin it starts recording again.

The most consistent story I get from tech support is that the unit has to be turned off (standby?) each night between 2 and 4PM, local time, to down load (reset?) information from sat 110. If the unit is in playback, or record, it can't down load the signal. If the unit is on, it can't down load the information.

I can't program the unit to shut itself off after recording. They can't tell me how to force downloading the nightly data.

Sometimes, I get any error message, while I'm in playback, that I'm not authorized to view the program.

This is a stock Dish system, installed by Dish.

Not using the system if I'm up until 5AM doesn't sound reasonable.
Shutting the unit off while it is recording something, when I go to bed doesn't sound reasonable.
Not having it record during the night doesn't sound reasonable.

The best suggestion I've gotten from Dish tech support is to buy a dual receiver, install a second LNA, and pay the extra monthly fee.

Any way to fix the 510s so they are reliable?


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