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Hi folks just joined, very new to sat TV stuff.

Have just purchased a new system from dishnetworks with HD810 & DVR510 receivers.

The DVR510 has a new yellow card 1020001P07 which I assume is a ROM102?

Is there any way I can read, edit & re-program these cards???

Heres the 101 fix for you
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Many of you have contacted us recently questioning the loss of channels that is occurring with Dish Network. Certain channels have been converted from Nagra 1 to the Nagra 2 encoding system. More channels are being converted to Nagra 2 on a regular basis. Our present cards are due to shutdown sometime late in 2005. No specific dates are available yet & there is no available shut down schedule.

Dish Network has several revisions of the yellow Nagra 2 card. Revision 101, 102 & 103. Only Revision 101 cards can be programmed at this time. You can tell which card you have by looking at the back of your card, chip side up, on the bottom left hand corner below the barcode, you will see a group of 10 alpha numeric digits. The first 3 digits of this group states what revision the card is.

I am pleased to announce that soon, all will be back to normal. The new cards for Dish Network (revision 101 only) have been compromised. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have sent several cards to be programmed and should have them back in a few days. It is expensive, but at least it's working. If you would like to order a card, I would need to know as soon as possible. The cost at this time for the fully programmed new card is CDN$550. You will need to bring us your receiver for a modification (Free with purchase of programmed card)

You will be able to view all the channels that Dish Network offers: Adult, 300's, International & all the PPV movies & events. This card is fully open! This Fully Open Nagra 2 card gives you programming value of over $US 250. monthly. This is what you would pay if you were to subscribe in the USA.

There is still nothing available for the missing channels with FTA Free to Air receivers or atmegas yet. We will keep you posted.

Please bear in mind that there is a limited number of these specific yellow Dish Network cards that are programmable. Not all yellow cards can be programmed at this time.

When Dish Network converts all their channels to Nagra 2 encoding, demand for the new yellow cards will rise, as will the price. Remember that at this time, it's first come first serve...

Due to the nature of the product, our new infamous 30/30 warranty will apply to this programmed card: 30 seconds or 30 steps, whichever comes first. We are unable to offer any warranty/gurarantee or refund on this product as we ourselves are not getting any warranty/guarantee or refund from those who are programming the cards for us. We are not programming these new yellow cards ourselves. This is a controlled market where we have zero control.

Price of programmed Yellow Nagra 2 (revision 101 card) $550 each

Price to program any Yellow card which were purchased from us: $350 each

Price to program a Yellow Nagra 2 (Revision 101 card) not purchased from us: $400 each

Price to swap any Nagra 2 (Rev. 102 or 103) not purchased from us for a programmed rev 101: $500 each

Price to purchase a non programmed yellow card (revision 101) $250 each

Price to purchase a non programmed yellow card (revision 102 & 103) $150 each

Trade us 5 yellow 101 cards for 1 Programmed yellow Rev 101 card.

Trade us 25 yellow 102 or 103 cards for 1 programmed yellow Rev 101 card.

Prices & services offered are subject to change without notice due to supply & demand factors similar to the stock market.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

To get yours today, you have the following options:

Visit one of our locations:

Markham: Mississauga:

401 Alden Road, Unit 17. 1616 Matheson Blvd, Unit 24

905-470-0142 905-625-2930

(4 lights N of Warden & Steeles) (3 lights S of 401 & Dixie)

M-F, 10am - 6pm & Saturdays, 10am - 4pm M-F, 11am - 6pm & Saturdays, 10am - 4pm

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards & Cash. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Cash.

Email us at /, Fax us at 905-470-7062 or Mail us at:

Bill Taskas, HLV Marketing Co, 401 Alden Rd, Unit 17, Markham, ON, L3R 4N4 CANADA
and we will ship your order to you. We are now accepting International Money Orders, Visa & Mastercard for these items -- address verification is done on all credit card orders. Please be sure to send us your Complete Name, address, telephone number, credit card number & expiry date.


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30/30 warranty...thats just wonderful...30 seconds or 30 feet...LOL

and now that the authorities have your address,I'm sure U will have a booming business!....behind bars....LOL

U are either VERY STUPID or U think we are all very stupid!

All of you sites listed below selling N2 boards,activators,programming deserve whatever legal actions the authorities take against you all for scamming all the good people's money:
ezsatellite. tv
the dssguy (TDG) from al7bar. tk,,hashhu. com

Some of U were great sites until U started endorsing (and selling)these bogus rumors of N2 hacks and coo*lsat card readers and believing the claims and outright lies of "the dssguy"..

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lol... N2 fix is true.. Its a clone sub. of DN. The only problem is that DN can and will cut the sub right away once they find out that its been clone.

My local supplier for sat. testing buy one of those card just to see if its true and it is but since the problem it had he won't sell it or even try to endors it since this !D!OTS MADE IT Public were it's suppost to be just a private solution and also since this !d!ot$ release it to the public DN can now track the real sub for this card in the US of A were it become more expensive to buy and make clone card last longer w/o getting cut by DN

Weird sucks
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this also compromise the development of true N2 hack.... b'coz of these d@mN !dI0ts whose releasing the clone card to the public and all the information about it..

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www.ez123dish dot com good reputable site located in safe canada ., has fis for dish wide open channels NO SCVAM.WE are listed in satscams as a reputable dealere .we've been around are reputation speeka for itself..Dont listen to this NOP mIND named LK..HE is a big spy for the sat companys here to discredit any claims.He doesnt want you all to pay for a hack or fix cause it would put him out of a job and wants us all to PAY legally.but of course we dont want to

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[link removed] for WIDE OPEN FIX ON DISH

al channels everything

dont trust scammers
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before anyone gets my money i wanna see a working fix.
i`ve hear that old ...ya it works..i promise...but theres no guarantee.
30/30 waranties are only good if you order a pizza.
i want a active real time fix that people can see
and that works for more than 15 seconds.
i`m not technical enough to figure out the fix for this .
but sites offering nag2 fixxes for 5 bones with no guarantee is to me what photo radar was .
a cash grab.
dont pay a cent till you have seen it running.
heck you wanna waste money...send it to me...i can find a better use for it then in some scammers pocket.
you got a nag2 fix?....vid tape it.....from programing to running in it on web...then we might belive it.

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This N2 hack is real..but nobody know HOW, what hardware ,and for how long! save your money for now...
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