Star choice Hack


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There are lots of rumors floating around about SC hack is this true? Is there really a SC hack?ANd if it's true what is it?

T.T. Boy
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Hey Friggie - I have heard the same thing about a SC hack. My neighbour and I both have FTA and we started talking about what is next. He too told me to wait because there is a public hack for SC that was just recently released into the market. He didn't know how it worked but he was told by his FTA dealer that all he'll have to do is get a ligit basic sub and the hack opens everything wide open.

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I have a valid sub. where can I find this hack?

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Cool.. I just hope they soon release the public hack for SC.

I'm in Guadalajara.. I know of a person setting up people on starchoice. No phone necessary, and you get all the channels. He must have the hack. I'm trying to find it.. he must have gotten it off the net..

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Do you know if the hack works with the FTA receivers or it has to be a SC receiver.

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There is NO hack for starchoice!...its just like DTV,Bev,Dishnet...they're all encrypted and NOT hacked yet,maybe never!...and don't expect one soon either...all are just rumors and scams to suck any possible $$$$ to pick your pocket!

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any update?

willy wonker
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Ok... I found a bit more info on at least one dealer who is selling "The Fix". This is the one located on Matheson Blvd in Markham Ontario. $550 cdn! this is for charlie.wide open ppv's ect....

thanks peterboy
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the hack will be released from within a week the mods there say.......???

hocus pocus
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I have a dishnet receiver with a digital lock
installed. when i plug in the reciver i can see
a green light on for the digital lock come at the back but when i try to turn on the reciver it will not come on the green light in front
whats up.could the digtal lock be screwing up causing this

Bob The Builder
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Anymore news about a 'fix' for SC. I was at my FTA shop to see what was new in the FTA world and one of the owners said that there was a 'fix' for SC but his partner disagreed and said there wasn't. My question is, is there one out there for SC or isn't there one yet for SC?
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