Scientific atlanta explorer 2100 Memory Reset


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I hate Bright House I have digital combo pack with internet they charge me 130 bucks month that alot because every month. They charge me for each box 8.99 plus remotes so I decided to trim this bill down. So I asked if they sold the boxes they said NO!. So i went on every forum i could find on my box scientific atlanta explorer 2100. I made my mind to take the risk so i shoped on ebay for sweet deal on a box i found 3 boxes .99 Cents so i bid and WON total with boxes shiping was $29.89 not bad i also saw a manual that interested on resetting boxes cost me 22.50 tha manual was ok but it did not have information on my box so i was stuck when i got the boxes and just pluged them in they gave me a error message 01 all 3 units so i had to take them apart to figure out how the tick so inside the look like computer so i can figure this out i said to myself this has too have reset like computer erase the hard drive and start fresh i had done the whole power select that is on all the forums and nothing i was pissed so tryed another way and it worked i had ordered a PPV Movie OCEANS 12 2 day ago so i looked in my menu in my boxed and it showed that i bought the movie cool ok SO HERE IS THE STEPS I DID THE RESET THIS MOFO

P.S. you dont need to unplug a dam thing

1.hit the power button and make sure your waching a channel what ever you pay for WITH THE BOX ON!!!! this step is just to make sure your on let go of the power button don,t hold


p.s.make sure you dont't hit the power button first!!! or it will not work

3.PRESS an HOLD the POWER button now your pressing the SELECT and POWER
BUTTON at the same time don't let go

4. either the display will say BOOT or Number start flasing on the display
at this point you can let GO of the buttons

5 this takes a while because you just erased firware and programming
so the display will start to Count down from 999-001 this will take while
this could take anyware from 5-10 min once it done you will see your clock again
power it back on and WOW YOU HAVE 0 PPV in you file I LOVE it

I hope this will help you wipe out PPV memory and watch all the PVV movie you whant
and not pay a dime A$$Wholes i never stold anything from this cable company
but when i told them that i had 3 new boxes i just need to put the number Serial
in there systems they said no and they were going to Send tech to check
my boxes HUUHH i am Mad!!!!!!!!

one more thing when i reset the boxes that i boght on ebay they work few
seconds i see tv but then i get CALL Provider so i know the reset works
so buy all the PPV movies you what and put the filter on and reset the
box make them pay for tring to rip me off a costumer that has being with them 15 years


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