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With the future of Dish and BEV not looking too pleasant I have started to search out new ways of watching TV without have high monthly costs. I've got 8 weeks b4 school starts again. I need to find something before then. I live in Michigan about 20 minutes from the border. I think our answer is with Canadian Sat. I've done some research and found out a few things about Star Choice. First, the reason FTA recievers don't get SC channels is because the frequency is too low. The second thing is that they do not need a phone conection to get activated. Third is that there is no card to program.

My question to you all is how can you program SC to get everything? There has to be something for SC - if there isn't, why isn't there? I understand about Dish and BEV and DTV - but I don't understand why SC can't be done. Could someone educate me on why it can't be done (if there isn't a fix out there). If there is a fix - could you please let me (us) know where to find it.

Some other chat rooms have suggested sub sharing, which BTW SC says is ok (I called and asked). U can have up to 6 recievers on one sub (premium pckage with everything except PPV and Adult is $90 Canadian per month with no contract). The standard recievers from SC themselves cost between $49 and $99 each (Canadian). My family isn't loaded. That is why I was looking at SC - because the hardware costs are really low.

If anyone can shed some educational light on SC - I (and I'm sure alot of others here) would appreciate it.
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