N2 is fix ...so be happy ...


szukam goraca
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N2 is fix ...dont ask ...time ...short ..

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well won't that be nice.. I can start watching my shows again.. well let me know too if you don't mind when it's out.. thanks

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so is N3

szukam goraca
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N2 is ,,but lets the 'idiots' chenge oll cards ,,,so less ...ebaut ..then ...it gone
come aut..i come from europe so ...we mast be
nice to them.. ok ...

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ok dude. just tell them to hurry up


szukam goraca
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hurry up......not until program stop on
Nagra ..end oll STOP this S.O.B. end be

szukam goraca ,casna i chetna...

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i got a fix for nag 2000

So your saying that the fix will come out (this fall) when all the channels have gone over to N2?


is this true?

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yah n2 is fixed with a 49.99/m subscription of DTV

got new keys?

Yogie Bear
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Many of you have contacted us recently questioning the loss of channels that is occurring with Dish Network. Certain channels have been converted from Nagra 1 to the Nagra 2 encoding system. More channels are being converted to Nagra 2 on a regular basis. Our present cards are due to shutdown sometime late in 2005. No specific dates are available yet & there is no available shut down schedule.

Dish Network has several revisions of the yellow Nagra 2 card. Revision 101, 102 & 103. Only Revision 101 cards can be programmed at this time. You can tell which card you have by looking at the back of your card, chip side up, on the bottom left hand corner below the barcode, you will see a group of 10 alpha numeric digits. The first 3 digits of this group states what revision the card is.

I am pleased to announce that soon, all will be back to normal. The new cards for Dish Network (revision 101 only) have been compromised. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have sent several cards to be programmed and should have them back in a few days. It is expensive, but at least it's working. If you would like to order a card, I would need to know as soon as possible. The cost at this time for the fully programmed new card is CDN$550. You will need to bring us your receiver for a modification (Free with purchase of programmed card)

You will be able to view all the channels that Dish Network offers: Adult, 300's, International & all the PPV movies & events. This card is fully open! This Fully Open Nagra 2 card gives you programming value of over $US 250. monthly. This is what you would pay if you were to subscribe in the USA.

There is still nothing available for the missing channels with FTA Free to Air receivers or atmegas yet. We will keep you posted.

Please bear in mind that there is a limited number of these specific yellow Dish Network cards that are programmable. Not all yellow cards can be programmed at this time.

When Dish Network converts all their channels to Nagra 2 encoding, demand for the new yellow cards will rise, as will the price. Remember that at this time, it's first come first serve...

Due to the nature of the product, our new infamous 30/30 warranty will apply to this programmed card: 30 seconds or 30 steps, whichever comes first. We are unable to offer any warranty/gurarantee or refund on this product as we ourselves are not getting any warranty/guarantee or refund from those who are programming the cards for us. We are not programming these new yellow cards ourselves. This is a controlled market where we have zero control.

Price of programmed Yellow Nagra 2 (revision 101 card) $550 each

Price to program any Yellow card which were purchased from us: $350 each

Price to program a Yellow Nagra 2 (Revision 101 card) not purchased from us: $400 each

Price to swap any Nagra 2 (Rev. 102 or 103) not purchased from us for a programmed rev 101: $500 each

Price to purchase a non programmed yellow card (revision 101) $250 each

Price to purchase a non programmed yellow card (revision 102 & 103) $150 each

Trade us 5 yellow 101 cards for 1 Programmed yellow Rev 101 card.

Trade us 25 yellow 102 or 103 cards for 1 programmed yellow Rev 101 card.

Prices & services offered are subject to change without notice due to supply & demand factors similar to the stock market.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

To get yours today, you have the following options:

Visit one of our locations:

Markham: Mississauga:

401 Alden Road, Unit 17. 1616 Matheson Blvd, Unit 24

905-470-0142 905-625-2930

(4 lights N of Warden & Steeles) (3 lights S of 401 & Dixie)

M-F, 10am - 6pm & Saturdays, 10am - 4pm M-F, 11am - 6pm & Saturdays, 10am - 4pm

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards & Cash. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Cash.

Email us at /salesatcanadiandss.com, Fax us at 905-470-7062 or Mail us at:

Bill Taskas, HLV Marketing Co, 401 Alden Rd, Unit 17, Markham, ON, L3R 4N4 CANADA
and we will ship your order to you. We are now accepting International Money Orders, Visa & Mastercard for these items -- address verification is done on all credit card orders. Please be sure to send us your Complete Name, address, telephone number, credit card number & expiry date.


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Does anyone know the providers for satellites solidaridad 2 and sat mex 5>?

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It must be true, how can you not trust Yogi Bear.

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(C&P from HashHU)

N2 Swap Canceled by charlie

As it turns out and this is only speculation at this time. Charlie has seiezed the swap to Nagra 2. This comes as charlie has just recieved a letter from Dave. Unconfirmed sources say this is pretty much like your typical Dave letters but states that Due to the increass volume of the N2 dish stream it is producing a hole in the P4/D1 stream for dave thus leaving a unconfirmed hack for the P4/D1.

As mentioned by these unconfirmed sources. it is possiable to recieve open wide DTV. if you are running a legit Dish N2 sub card 102.

Will give more info as this story unfolds.


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Super Moderator - at Hashhu

I read funny posts everyday...but man....this one has for sure got todays winner.

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Can anybody tell me if the DVB PCI cards have any chance with this fix?

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In addition to leaving a hole in the DTV stream, there are also holes in my underpants.

Yogi Bears back+
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Now testing Nag2!


Due to our server being hacked this post was lost. I am now replacing it.. Thanks.

This is my preliminary review of a fully opened Rom 101. Remember, this is a new breakthrough and it's little snags and snafu's may NOT be apparent at first. That being said, let's get on with it.

First off I owe many people my gratitude. I wish to acknowlege them now. This is an information site. Nobody here writes or distributes code. It is merely an information site and I am but the messenger who has endeavored to TRY and keep everyone informed of any developments. I'd like to thank the mods at dss-newbies for helpig me out all the way around on this. The connections provided proved fruitful to say the least. Next the party responsible for my getting this sneal peek, I have but one thing to say...

Dsstoybox delivered!

After weeks of negotiations and missed deadlines and other various hurdles, these guys came thru for me and this COMMUNITY! True to his word, and because of this site's visibility, he moved mountains and faced incredible resistance to get this done. I wish to thank him publicly for perservering and DELIVERING what he promised! On to the test.

I was sent a Rom 101 for evaluation and review. It was explained to me that this was a clone and I would HAVE to have a 2700 or 3100 DN box to test this with. I was provided and IRD # as well as Box keys that had to be written to the DN box via jtag. I have many connections and this was not a problem for me to do. The box was prepped some time ago and we waited for the mysterious "yellow brick" er I mean card to show...

Finally the card showed up and I drove to the location of the prepped unit. Upon arrival, it was already setup and running a Rom10. Preliminary channel surfing showed the missing N2 channels using the older style card. I showed him the "yellow" card that I had been sent and we did a thorough examination of the card. It was in near new condition and showed nio signs of being tampered with. The asic appeared to be the original one and no scratches or cuts were visible under a magnifying glass. We looked at each other, smiled and breathlessly removed the blue card & inserted the "Yellow" card. The familiar "Aquiring satellite signal" message came up and we quickly went into the menu for alook see and swicth test. The CAM numbers were indeed different from what was on the card, and a quick verification of the provided ird# & box keys that were provided were in order. On to the switch test. These old legacy boxes from DN use an SW-21 swicth which is entirely different than a diseqc switch and a "switch test" is mandatory for the system to work properly. We waited patiently as the unit completed it's test. Upon completion, it exitted the menu and we had TV! The guy I was with lit up a broad smile as did I and we breathlessly changed the channels. first stop. 151 OLN, ON! Next stop PPV, ON!, hell, lets go for broke, 496 (p#rn) OMG! I didn't know people could do things like that in that position! ON! Next stop Starz, ON!, RIA (foreign channels), ON! Virtually every single channel DN offers in the US (except my locals) were ALL ON!
This is NOT a hoax as you all will come to see. The RSA encrytption has NOT been cracked (to my knowlege) but they were able to write to certain areas of the card. N2 is toast! In fact there's more than 1 hack available... (gee that sounded familiar) FTA has more resources available than these guys, thats for sure. This is indeed very exciting news for the COMMUNITY! Stay tuned for more info as testing progresses. I have more poeple coming to view this and I'm sure you'll be hearing from them as well. It's a start people. Nobody knows how long it will last, but I HAVE TV AGAIN! Many thanks to the coders involved. The Bell has sounded, round one is under way...


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TDG speaks with forked tongue as I pointed out in the "Nagra2 hack is CONFIRMED" thread....first he said he bought the hacked card in another post, then he says in the above post that it was "sent" to him..

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Everybody got to go old fashion. To pay for the service. Do not beleve anybody that tells you different. FTA is a history.
I think is a good idea to invest some money in stock for dishnetwork.

Simple question. Will FTA pansat 2500 have the ability to take on a N2 program?

Simple question. Will FTA pansat 2500 have the ability to take on a N2 program? yes or no is what I am looking for.

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from what I have be hearing the only pansat that will work for n2 when avalible is the 2300a because it has the atmega 156 chip and all the other models have the 128 chip so if n2 fix comes all fta will need a new chip but not 2300a.

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Thats VERY old reported UNCONFIRMED rumors from Conan at dsscommunity that I posted here a year ago..actually none of us know...all we know is what we read or hear word of mouth...so anything said is RUMORS now..we have no inside info, so WAIT...time will tell..mosr rumors are 95% BS,BUT on occassion, some come to bear fruit..

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Will the Fortec Lifetime Ultra be able to take on the n2?

the toybox has fix
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[link removed] have fix

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-This sight is a Bull shitshit sight that has
NOTHING....Its a big "SCAM" in Toronto...
Its run by that azz o (MC)....I knew that this
c_o_c_ker was a p_r_i_c_k....Mable Leaf, Colin,
Larry are apart of this "SCAM"...I don't know
how long this post will be posted so get the
word out about [link removed] I think
that LK knew this all along?...They took my
money and gave me a card that worked for three
days only....All I get now is call (ext 445)...

dish believer
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Minw oworks wide open and i got it from [link removed] working 3m
Lk..aka..sorcereor from hash hu says so too
the administrater at dssnewbies endorses the fix from dsstoybox also and a few mods there are confirmed lookers..so lk aka sorcerer or whatever ya looser thinks goo look at todays post i d i o t.

dsscommunity s u c k s
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Posted on Friday, August 12, 2005 - 10:13 am:

Its real!...its been tested and CONFIRMED by MANY mods and admins at many various sites!

They did it by use of coders who must have got a dump of the card which opens up many doors...unfortunately how long this will remain open is unknown now,...Charlie and Kudelski (nagra encrytion sources/makers) will be hunting this down and closing up as much as they can....damage control..once nagra1 is totally shut down,then we will really know just how much these coders got into these rom 101 cards and N2,and what the future will bring..

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LK can you do subscription sharing with dishnetwork or is it only on with direct tv and why thanks
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