Comcast Cable Box to Dual-VCR to Standard TV?


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I just had a Comcast cable box installed. Until then, I was able to record from tv to one vcr deck and at the same time watch a vcr tape on the vcr deck. I was told that I could record from the cable box by using an A/B switch. But, I've tried a few hookup choices with no luck. There are 2 coax cables coming from the cable box. Please tell me exactly how to hook up each cable from the cable box to the vcr and to the tv. Also, will I be able to watch a tape on the other deck while I'm recording on the other deck now? Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Another thing....will I be able to use my vcr remote to control the vcr again? The cable box remote turns on/off the box and tv at the same time. Thanks for your help.
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