Check software version on Mitsu WD-52525?


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I have read some of you commenting how your Mitsu WD-52525 or 52725 DLP's needed a software upgrade. Do you know how I can check on my TV what the most current software is on my TV now? And do you know what the most current version would be for the WD-52525 now?

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The most current version that I am aware of is 4.05. My set came with 4.03 and I haven't upgraded since I have not found any problems that need fixing. My approach is "if it aint broke, don't fix it" So, if your not experiencing any problems you may not need to get an upgrade. I'm always afraid that the "fix" will cause a problem that I never had before. I guess I'm just paranoid.

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Username: Maynard69

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Do you know how to check which version is on the TV now?

The only complaint I have right now is this green shadowing / ghosting that I often see. Even my kids noticed it. It is most noticeable when a scene changes or fades to a black screen. You can see an outline / ghost image of the previous screen in a dark subtle green. I have also noticed that certain images will show a strong green tint to them while watching a DVD. The only way I can seem to "fix" it is to turn the green down to a very low level (like 13). But then I am afraid I am cutting down the legitimate green levels too much. Have you noticed or heard about this issue? I remember reading some bits here-and-there about this issue, but I do not know what the fix is (if there is one).

Thanks for your help!
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