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Need someone's expertice in the issue. I was offered a Satellite Service through an aquantence. They are selling me a satellite receiver, dish, install, and free programing for $575.

From what I understand someone will come to my house and install everything and someone else will do the programming for the receiver. The receiver is cardless and and can connect up to 4 satellites at any given time. If the programming goes out they will reconnect the receiver again for me at no addtional costs.

The person selling the unit is a reliable source and I dont feel like they would take me for a ride.

Does anyone have experiences with this? Last time I heard the units were running for 10mos with no problems and they have all be reprogrammed again.

Thanks for anyones input!

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a little high on the price............the recievers i believe that he is talking about can be purchased on eby for 175 more or less the dish about 100 and the programing is free if you have the patience to read and read some more or you can probably get someone to load it for you maybe 75-100 then you can justify spending that much.or if you really trust this guy pay him if you have the money and dont want to mess with it.............

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What are the chances of getting busted?...

And if you do, what the heck happens?

I figure $575 and I dont have to lift a finger and just watch TV is all good for me...

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NONE...unless U buy from a dealer/gut that gets busted himself,then turns over his shipping,customer records ..with FTA,its fairly safe..

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NONE...unless U buy from a dealer/guy that gets busted himself,then turns over his shipping,customer records ..with FTA,its fairly safe..but still illegal if U or he "modify" the receiver with software to receive Dishnetwork or Bev satellite channels/programming

For the last time GOOF the keys were right there from a live feed from maestra. next yur gonna bash them i guess.(LK someone posted yesterday that there fta was down and you told him all was new instantly that the keys had changed,you need to get your head out of your %$# and start looking for things to help people in here instead of bashing the people who do! I put up a page with a real time updated banner so all ya had to do was point it to there and peeps bookmark it and then there keys always in real time...very simple solution.. Now you say its bogus info..Well maestra is one of the biggest sites in the hobby i real dont think thousands of members are getting the wrong keys of the bannersHUGE SATELLITE INFO SITE i pull info from the sites i work with and i have been in the industry testing since the f card days so lay off the bull of find a real job or something.

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