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Hi guys been looking at the site and still trying to decide what I want to get. I am looking for something minimum 60 inches for my basement and I ran into a 70" Hitachi Ultravision cineform 70v5810. I am having problems finding any information on this tv in here or anywhere online for that matter. Its almost like this store is the only one that has it. The list price for it was 6400 and the salesman was offering it to me for 5000 without me really even trying to negotiate. Does anyone have any knowledge of this model. I stared at the screen in the store for about 30 minutes and couldnt see any rainbows that I hear about with the bigger dlps. Also if anyone knows a sight that may sell this model so I can compare prices. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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1. Hitachi does not make a DLP display.
2. Their 70" model is an LCD display.
3. The Hitachi model number is 70VX915 and is part of their Director's Series.
4. The 70v5810 is really a 70vS810 and is part of their UltraVision cineform series.
5. The Director's Series is a wonderful product line, the UltraVision CineForm series is not as great but still quite good.
6. LCD = no rainbows, no surprise there.
7. The replacement lamp only costs $239.00
8. Retail price for Director's Series 70" will be $7995.00
9. Retail price for UltraVision CineForm series 70" was $6995.00
9. I did not think they (Direstors Series) were yet available for retail purchase.
10. The store you visited is offering a very fair price as long as they are an authorized Hitachi dealer. If they are not your warranty may be voided.

Any additional information requires a fee. :-)


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I will have to go back to the store and talk to the salesman again. Im positive it was labeled on the tag a DLP model. I wrote down the exact tag ID to try to pull up some research on it. I would imagine ABC Warehouse is an authorized dealer. They are one of the big chain electronics stores in my area. I wouldnt be suprised if they had it mislabeled though. You seem to know your stuff from reading some of your other responses. A salesman will tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale. I did find some Hitachi DLPs but cannot find this model for nothing. Here is supposedly one of there top models.

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Hitachi only made one model of DLP, the 55DMX01WD and dropped it last year.

I think xvxvxvx is right, it's the V "S" 810, not 5. The 5 and S look similar.

I found this link for the 50 inch.

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" I wrote down the exact tag ID to try to pull up some research on it."

Actually as Terry W pointed out you didn't. The 5 is really an S. Type in 70VS810 and you will find several helpful links.


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best bang for the hitachi buck!!
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