Did Satonline.cx get busted?


At the end of last week Satonline.cx was working according to subscriptions. On the Friday the system went down and is currently still down witht the dreaded Call 711, and web site by the Monday went down.
what's the story, no news locally.

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They got busted a few days ago..along with some others...

More busts in Ontario today 2-25-2005


Had a report, zedmarketing and others have been raided and served Anton Pillar judgements today.
there is a 10 day gag order.This is in addition to the busts a few days ago on chicocanada.tv, atsdss.com, zenontech.com

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Friday, an Anton Pillar order made up of some two hundred pages was put into effect on the premises of three Ontario outlets that were engaged in activation of directv subscriptions as well as known for their online sales of hardware and software used to decrypt satellite signals without prior authorization from Directv or the CRTC for Canadian Viewing. Two Directv Employees along with a lineup of seven Niagara Regional Police Cruisers showed up at GeorgeStreet Electronics located on George St in St-Cathrines as well as Cruisers Satellite on Ontario St in St-Cathrines. Upon entering Several people were handed a copy of the paperwork bearing the names of seventeen individuals, including Marty Gillot and Paul Cater.

The paperwork links them to several websites that were involved in programming of satellite cards, but not operated by these two individuals. While officials were taking care of business at these places of business another associate of Gillot was handed documents as well, the role of this associate is unclear as of now Karen gautier was reportedly doing activation of accounts through an American virtual address set up to allow many subscriptions to be ordered at similar but not identical proxy addresses that all linked to one final mailbox drop, south of the Canadian border.

The websites involved in this whole fiasco, are reportedly Satonline.xx and zedmarketing.xxxx . Although Satonline.xx is operated completely offshore, it is unclear at this time as to why they were a part of today's developments. Reports also have come in that an individual linked to the two store locations in St-Catharines Ontario was visited at his Store location in Dunville Ontario, not a far distance apart.

Today a local St. Catharines Newspaper reporter from the St-Catharines Standard had attempted to get inside information for a front page story he was working on to do with this heated event, was told to leave immediately upon entering one of the store locations that were targeted by officials.


Again here we have another fine example of the North American Free Trade Agreement. A product that we Canadian consumers want, but can't have. Why, because we cannot have - choice -. The monopolization of the airwaves, cable and satellite services by the likes of Expressview, Starchoice, Rogers Cable et el have vertual control over what we as Canadian view can and have access to watch. When we do watch programming that we choose, they ram Canadian content rules down your throat and overdub the channel selection that you have chosen and paid for. How come Directv hasn't made a big stink like the softwood lumber issue over access to the Canadian market. This whole thing sticks of government interference.
The Directv people come here and help the police prosecute people who only want the programming that the Canadian government doesn't or won't let you have. Yet its Directv that sends the signal to you over the border and into yours and everyones air space. The Canadian government prosecutes you for watching this, and yet doesn't open competition to Directv so that people in Canada can legitimately watch this programming. This isn't an issue of descrambling the Directv signal its an issue of "fair competition". Its time to disolve the CRTC and its unfair competition. Its time for Expressview and Rogers to stand up to fair competition and offer reasonable cost programming and leave us alone. Stop the overdubbing of paid channels.

Every government elected for last number of years has supported Rogers Cable Network, Expressview, and Starchoice as our only source of TV viewing. When challenged in court concerning so called grey market satellite viewing. They have repeatedly lost yet the police directed by the persistent interests of the mentioned Canadian group keep harassing Non-United States people who wish to view off-shore grey market television.
If Directv was so intent on setting up Canadian operations why don't they set up shop here just like Bass Pro Shop, or Walmart. Both of those are American retailers who sell in Canada. We have McDonald's, and all sorts of American industry. Why doesn't Directv get into the Canadian market and tell Rogers to go stuff it. There is a market for Directv, if there wasn't why does Directv spend so much effort and money on legal battles in Southern Ontario, and Quebec having our police arrest people. I tell you why, its not Directv money chasing down these people in Canada its the Rogers, and Expressview people. Not only do they get a free ride on your tax dollar through the CRTC they get to fund Non-Canadian companies legal battles to ensure Expressview and Rogers keeps their monopolies clean and free to rip you off with lousy programming.
Ah!!!, its it great to be Canadian.

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DIRECTV Targets Canadian Suspects in Extensive Fraud Scheme
DIRECTV Targets Canadian Suspects in Extensive Fraud Scheme
Thursday March 3, 1:50 pm ET
Nine Locations in Canada Raided
Lawsuit Claims $20 Million in Damages
Grey Market Piracy Also Alleged

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 2005--DIRECTV, Inc. announced today that it has filed a lawsuit in Ontario, Canada against 19 Canadian citizens and five of their businesses that it believes were participating in a scheme to activate fraudulent DIRECTV accounts that enabled individuals to receive DIRECTV programming without authorization by or proper payment to DIRECTV.

In connection with the lawsuit, DIRECTV executed civil seizure orders at nine separate locations in southern Ontario and recovered a significant volume of computer files and business records related to the activation fraud scheme and grey market activity, as well as equipment used in the past to modify DIRECTV access cards to enable theft of DIRECTV programming.

The culmination of a six-month investigation by DIRECTV's Office of Signal Integrity and Legal department, the raid was the largest ever conducted by DIRECTV on a single day.

The defendants who DIRECTV believes played the most prominent role in the fraud include: Paul Arthur Cater, Waterloo, Ontario; Mile Turkalj (aka Mike Turkalj), Kitchener, Ontario; Martyn Gillott (aka Martin Gillott), Beamsville, Ontario; Theresa Patterson, Kitchener, Ontario; and Karen Gauthier, Shakespeare, Ontario. The defendants were affiliated with a number of businesses that were also identified or named as defendants in the lawsuit including Zed Marketing, Inc. and Huworks.tv, which DIRECTV believes are the biggest players in the scheme. The two companies, along with several key defendants in this case, have a long history of pirate activity and several of them have been charged criminally in other signal theft cases. Other businesses allegedly playing prominent roles in the fraud were Eonme.com. Inc. and Satonline.cx.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants perpetrated the scheme through a complex network of companies and Web sites used to provide bogus U.S. addresses and other false information to establish DIRECTV accounts, which were then used to illegally activate programming for individuals, who then paid the defendants to receive DIRECTV programming without authorization by or proper payment to DIRECTV.

Through their sale and distribution of piracy technology and activations, including DIRECTV access cards to dealers and consumers in the United States and by facilitating the unauthorized reception of DIRECTV programming, DIRECTV alleges the defendants violated provisions of Canada's Radiocommunication Act. Under the provisions of the Act, DIRECTV is entitled to damages, which DIRECTV estimates is in excess of $10 million. DIRECTV also claims punitive damages of $10 million.

"Since DIRECTV secured its signal from pirates with new generation access cards in June of last year, these individuals turned to other illegal means to receive DIRECTV programming without our authorization," said Dan Fawcett, executive vice president, Legal and Business Affairs, DIRECTV, Inc. "We were able to detect the fraudulent activity, and through an extensive investigation we have identified these individuals, who we believe have engaged in various forms of piracy, including grey market activity, over a long period of time."

He added, "Through this action we believe we have broken the piracy-fraud ring, and where grey market activity is involved, it also demonstrates our commitment to respect the territorial limitation of our programming service and prevent those in Canada from using false U.S. addresses to receive DIRECTV service."

DIRECTV recently filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Florida against seven individuals it claimed created false subscription accounts and illegally activated hundreds of access cards and receivers. It also recently settled a claim with a Utah couple it took legal action against in September of last year for similar fraudulent activity

So Directv enters Canada, where it doesn't exist as a company and claims damages to their service, and has people arrested for piracy. Question to Directv, put your money where your mouth is, open the service to Southern Ontario and let legitimate business take place. These people right or wrong in their efforts were at least doing something that apparently you don't have the guts to do. That is stand up to the CRTC and Department of Industry in Canada and give the people who -----WANT YOUR SERVICE ----legal access to Directv. All this effort and cost of police time on both sides of the border in order to have some grand scheme of hardship on Directv. Open your business to Southern Ontario and give these people a product that they don't have to see the local guy behind closed doors and grey market deals. Eliminate the grey market sellers by establishing a "Free Trade". Directv- remember the Free Trade Agreement between Canada, United States, and Mexico. That agreement was supposed to open markets between borders.

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I believe in the US, the FCC has much to say about DTV and "territorial" rights...remember Canada has BEV and Starchoice,who have their own territorial rights also....neither US or Canada wants 'infringement" from companies from other countries,and neither do the companies...I'm sure DTV would gladly welcome Canadian subscribers,but not vice versa!..I think U're barking up the wrong tree...I believe its the Canadian officials,Bev and starchoice who want to keep DTV out to protect their own business interests..

That's BS, Bell Expressview, and Starchoice are poor comparisons to the Directv service. The BEV and Starchoice just like their dirty cousins the Cable system providers blank out American channels when a particular program is available. Example, the Super Bowl, when the intermission with the highly regarded commericals came on, the Cable companies blank out the American commercials. As the consumer, I purchased that channel if it was on the American channel including that channels commercials. The cable company overrides the my channel selection and inserts the Canadian channel equivalent with its commercials. Therefore I'm not watching my selection, I'm watching the Cable companies, or BEV's selection for me. Big brother is making you be Politically Correct in Canada by making you use "only their service".
As for territorial rights, BS, that stopped at the border when that satellite signal crossed the border and your company does not have any business to express damages. What damages exist - if - you don't exist. Remember, there is no directv in Canada. How can you claim a loss if you don't have any form of business in this foreign country. I don't pay taxes, in the United States. If directv legitimately opens a business in Canada I'm more than willing to purchase their service in good faith.
As for territorial rights, does Ford Motor Company, or Exxon, or Westinghouse have territorial rights to exclude all others from entering the market place. No! What gives the satellite and cable companies exclusive rights to exclude legal companies from the market place. Don't let that crap about protecting the "artist" blur your intellect. When did any of these artists give a crap about you. As soon as they make it big, its off to Hollywood, and make the big bucks. Check out the latest on Allanis Morrisette, she dumped her Canadian citizenship in favour of duel citizenship and now lives the highlife in California. Those territorial rights were established to protect the Canadian Artist so-called by the CRTC. That was the CRTC blanket protection policy to exclude American satellite, and cable companies from entering Canada.

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http://satonline.cx/ is up again. Do you think it's a scam to nap people who sign in?

Just a thought......
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Maybe it is a scam. I am totally fed up with the Canadian Gov't telling me what I can and can't watch on my TV. If that is not censorship, then what on earth IS? Personally, I don't believe that the Canadian fabric is so fragile that we have to exclude US programming.
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