Planning to buy a TV for around $3000 USD


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I'm planning to buy a TV and would like some advice from all you knowledgeable people out there.

Things I'm looking for:
50"+ Rear Projection HDTV
Preferably DLP(have been hearing lots of good things about it) or LCD

I'm looking for best tv out there that I can get for around 3K.

I checked out the Samsung HL-P5085W today and it seemed pretty cool. Let me know what you think

Any suggestions?

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If you are set on a DLP, go with the Samsung 5085 A.K.A Captain Kirk model. If the built-in stand fits your decor, that is. It has the best picture for DLP, but the cheapest I have seen it is around 3400. If you dont like the stand, then try the HL-P5674 model. It's a 56" and the picture quality is almost as good. Price will be roughly the same as the 5085. I ended up buying the Sony 55" KDF-55WF655 , and I love the picture quality. If you go with an LCD projection, I highly recommend the Sony, especially for the money. I bought mine for 2849 at BB. Good luck on your shopping search.

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LCD Guy,

That's a very fair and objective post!
How refreshing! I don't see that very often.


I agree with everything he said! HD is gonna knock your socks off!
It always looks better in your home.
Hope you go with a Sat signal. Not everyone on cable is happy with standard def, which we all have to watch for a while. I have an SIR TS360 DTV/Terrestrial receiver. It's a fantastic match with my Sammy DLP. Happy viewing!

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Thanks for your advice,
My brother actually works atfutureshop (Canadian version of BestBuy), and can get me the HL-P5085W for about 2800 USD. Gonna be sweet!

I will check out the models you spoke about.
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