My ird wants to do an update??


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i have a ird that if you turne the power off it turns on and its trying to update? i have a digilock so i think thats y its not doing it? after the last ecm even with a good prog that works on my other ird the other one still goes dowm about every 1h.. am starting to think it because it needs that update?? should i turn the lock off till it updates and then turn it back on????? help

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go to a good reputable DSS site and use their forums or live chat...[link removed] U will have a much better chance of getting many helpful knowlegable replies..

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crxxx did you get an answer for your post? I have the same problem. Don,t know if to turn lock off, may get hit. Thanks

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should you turn off the lock and let it update or will you get hit by a ecm? If nobody knows the answer I,ll try the other forum. Thanks

Your receiver needs the update and will keep trying to get it. The digital lock you have installed will keep resetting your receiver everytime it tries.

Make sure the card is not in there, let it update and use the latest fix.

If there is no bad script in there the receiver will not get "hit" Now that it is known what changes are and new scripts work around it, an update is not a problem.

More detailed info at


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Thanks Anonymous for your reply, will try it out.
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