What to test now thats its almost over


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those that want to get into a lil' bit of testing are advised to do it as cheaply as possible and you do that by buying an atmega programmer and an atmega card......plus shipping..you can get these two things for under $50...dont believe any other bullsh-it...neo cards...magic 2 cards from dssmilee...its all bullsh-it...you wont be gettin' any nagra2 channels...if it were true..then why cant we get the hi-def channels now on dishnet???
the show is about over and Elvis has all but left da' building....say goodnight Irene..it was fun while it lasted! and if you use anything but a postal money and a fake name to purchase at this point,i hope you do get busted cause your too fokin' stupid to be in this any ol' way...oh yea,one other thing.....save the whales! lol

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what a jerk


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some truth to his posts...but way too pessimistic for me...don't spend alot of money now on anything for all the obvious reasons,but I believe...100% THAT NAGRA 2 WILL BE HACKED...AND 75%-90% DTV WILL BE HACKED ...and use of a known reputable dealer and money order is obviously the safest manner to purchase...that

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Here's a list of yesterdays "Impossible to hack: codes:

64 bit
128 bit
256 bit
yada, yada,yada...

Quoting Bill Gates: "There is no security that cannot be broken."

BilI Gates
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I didn't say that.


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No, .. its not


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Player69.......Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

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