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I have decided to get a new DVD since my current Panasonic combo VCR unit is a piece of garbage (more on that later).
Any suggestions on one under $200.00? (if this is possible) My only requirement is that it plays the new SACD and DVD-A formats. I have been looking on the web and came across a Panasonic model D-578A-S at the CNET site. They claim that this unit is able to read mp3's burned onto a dvd disc. I didn't know there would be a problem with that.

This is a quote about the unit:

The DVD-578A is a high-performance movie and music machine. In addition to DVD movies, the slim DV-578A plays multi-channel, high-resolution DVD-Audio and SACD discs, plus all of your recordings on DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, MP3, and WMA. It even has a Photo Viewer feature for viewing JPEG still photos. For sensationally great video, the DV-578A features virtually twice the video processing power of previous models with a 12-bit/108MHz Video D-A converter, our Pure Cinema 2:3 Progressive Scan, and a component video output plus 7 video adjustments for maximum versatility and performance. For great audio, the DV-578A has built in Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 decoders. Coaxial and Optical Digital Outputs for Dolby Digital and DTS surround allow for digital output to an A/V Receiver. A high-end 24-bit / 192kHz D/A converter ensures superb audio performance.

The reviews gave it a good rating but someone posted that it has bad audio. This puzzled me. It also leads to this question. What spec should I look for to determine how good the audio is and what range should the spec be?

I also read that in order to use the SCAD feature you need to use the analog 5:1 output to the receiver. Does that sound okay?

My current DVD player seems to have a buffer problem?? When I play burned DVD's after about 45 mins the pictures starts freezing and then finally I get a message to clean the disc. This is the third time this has happened. I could play the disc in my old PC (1999) and on a cheap standalone. What's up with that? I have cleaned the lens, so I don't know what is going on.


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Firstly, MP3 is not available on all players. It's a licenced algorithm, so manufacturers choose to include it or not as of target customer group preferences.

The predecessor DV-563A was considered a "best bang for the buck". Pioneer put inferior chips in DV-578A, you will find a long thread about this under "DVD players". But the negative comment on the audio yet surprises me.

5.1 1 analogue is necessary, because you get no digital output whatsoever for SACD. This is due to S/PDIF limitation and copy protection policy. Digital SACD out will probably be implemented in encrypted, high-capacity HDMI interconnect.

Lastly, DV563A is said to be rather good at reading DVD's. Mine freezes only on greasy fingerprints on rented DVDs, and on extremely bad copies (also freezing on other players).


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I have made a DVD disc with a lot of mp3 music. I had a computer crash awhile back and reinstalled Win XP and now my DVD drive can't read the mp3 files. I have no idea what could be wrong. I have no problem playing the music on my regular dvd player so I know the disc is not damaged. Please respond to if you have the solution. Thanks a lot.


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I think you meant Pioneer not Panasonic. ;)

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i want to buy the philips dvp642 player. Howevr, I want to know if it will work with avia 5.1 speaker system. Thanks.

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A lot of people (me included) believe Panasonic DVD players are unforgiving when it comes to playing over some scratches. I also have a Pioneer DVD/Recorder/Player. I can play the freezing/skipping segment of the disc through the Pioneer, put in back in the Panasonic and that portion of the disc won't skip anymore. I'm thinking now to save myself grief i play any scratched disc thru the Pioneer and then the Panasonic just so i won't have problems later. Does one brand "blaze a trail" so to speak so the other brand will play thru the scratch?
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