Noise when recording from VCR to VCR- HELP!


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Hi all,

my native language is not English (I come from Austria) but I still hope that you'll understand me because I'm desparate.

I have two video recorders so that I can copy recordings from one to another. The first is connected to the TV with an aerial cable and a SCART-cable. The cable TV is connected to the first recorder as well. The second video recorder is connected to the first with a SCART-cable (AV1 of the second recorder to the AV2 of the first recorder). That way I can watch TV, record TV programs and record from the second recorder with the program number "AV2".

BUT: If I play the cassette on the second video recorder (to record it on the first) and I turn up the volume really loud (as some recordings require due to the bad audio quality) I also hear the audio of the television. If I play back the first video recorder I don't hear it, it's just with the second. And also the recording I make on the first one has this noise then. How can I solve that? I've already asked so many people and didn't get a good answer.

Thanks a lot in advance,
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