HDMI cables: Is there really a difference?


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I am using the cable that came with the Panasonic S97S, and the picture is superb. Do the higher quality cables, like Monster's $150 one, really make a difference? If yes, how much of a difference, and is it worth the price??


no difference except in the mind of BEST BUY salespeople, who also think 10 dollar extended warranties should be added to 5 dollar batteries

I upgraded to the high end Monster components on my new HDTV (Sony 55") and it makes a noticable and worthwhile difference to me. Found this esp true on the digital audio interconnect (along with monster $400 electrical filter). Extra investment, the it really brings the HD home theater experience out. Should mention that when I hooked up both the HDMI and Components from my HD DVR that the Components gave a more "realistic" picture. I'd recommend high end components over HDMI at this point.

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You will not see a difference between HDMI and component cables on a moderate display with a reasonable cable length. HDMI was invented to protect copyright interests, the science of it is that the extra conversion which is avoided with a straight digital cable does not amount to an appreciable benefit in the real world under most circumstances. A basic 75 ohm component cable, properly shielded and terminated will get you as far as the prettier packaged monsters, etc. Don't get me wrong, I am all for with buying nicer looking cables like Monster, its generally a one time purchase and their packaging makes you feel that you are making a more significant improvement that what is actually taking place. However, I wouldn't necessarily get sucked in to buying a S97 for the HDMI connection. I have found that it is a better investment to spend another $50 and get an entry level Rotel, Marantz or Integra. You get a product that has a better emphasis on build, competitive video performance, generally better sounding CD play, more pride in ownership/classier appearence and if all this doesn't matter and the player doesn't work right, you get a few years on the warranty to work out the issues vs. these throw away players with the 1 year parts and 90 days labor arrangements.

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IMO........since DVD players are only 480p, good components are all that is necessary to get the best out of your picture.

I realize there are players that supposedly upconvert, and the DVI or HDMI is required for them to upconvert, but I havnt heard many good reviews on their performance.

When HD-DVDs finally hit the market, I'll definitely go the DVI/HDMI route because when it comes to HD pictures, they are clearly the superior connection. Components are good(dont get me wrong), but they are inferior in the realm of HD.

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Is anyone having trouble with the LG upconversion dvd player?!?!?! I have had it two days, I am using the HDMI connection, I have watched 4 movies on it, and all of them paused and and even skipped ahead fairly frequently. It is getting old. I thought it was the parental lock...nope, dirty dvd's...nope. I don't know if it is just a piece of junk or not. I steered clear of the 5970 due to the reports I read. I have a hitatchi hdtv so it can handle the 1080i conversion. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!

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Is anyone out there ready to help me hook up my HD-941 DVD to my Onkyo SV-646 audio receiver? I have already connected the DVD to my HDTV using the HDMI cable, but it is left with how to get the sound through the external speakers. What do I do???

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In my experience (I also own the S97S), the HDMI cable included with the unit is perfectly fine for short runs. But if you need very long runs and/or have the highest end equipment, you might notice some improvement using Monster or other more expensive stuff. Some of this depends on your visual acuity and your ability to objectively evaluate any perceived differences. Some people push certain brands but when questioned, can not really explain the difference based on actual observation. I have used both the generic and Monster and could not perceive a difference although it is obvious that the latter is made up of superior materials. I will say that I could tell some difference between the component and HDMI outputs, but it was not major.
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