Region Free Playback Code for LG RH4810W


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I am wondering if anyone has instructions to make the playback mechanism on the LG RH4810W DVD Recorder region free?

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sorry I can't help there but I am wondering if you are experiencing problems recording whereby the voices are out of sync with the video. I also have the RH4810W and this appears to be a serious fault with LG recorders. Many others appear to be having the same problem. Mine is only 3 weeks old and is already in the repair shop. Absolute junk!

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open trey press 0000000 ok

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I had an out of sync problem with my Lg RH4820 dvd hardrive recorder, sent it to the service agent in Toowoomba Qld Downs Radio and Tv Service. There is an upgrade that they do. Mine doesn't seem to have that problem now.

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Thanks Bigs, tried it last night worked perfectly playing a different region.

Also have had the DVD recorder a while now no problems at all.

Unregistered guest're ace! It worked on our DVD too!

its the same hack as 4812w dvd recorder without hard disk

open tray
enter 0 seven times
you get a message congratulating you on making the recorder region free

Hack works for LG RH7500 Thanks

Hey does any one know how to remove the macrovision from the RH4810W??

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Hi Folks

I'm new here and I hope that someone can help me. I already own a Toshiba RD XS 30 (awesome machine) so I'm familiar with DVD recorders with built in H/D's and editing etc.

However, I purchased an LG RH7500 a couple of weeks ago and I've just tried to copy some of the H/D contents to DVD. The thing is, both attempts that I made copied in "Real Time". 1 DVD took 90 minutes and the other 2 hrs!. Plus the content being recorded to DVD was shown on the TV at the same time.

The manual states that fast copying isn't possible if the pgm has been edited on the H/D first but surely even edited content shouldn't copy in real time ?. To burn an 8 hour disc on the Toshiba only took about 50 mins.

I phoned LG who couldn't help initially but are supposed to be phoning me back.

Does anyone have one of these machines and know how to copy from HD to DVD in quick time ?. The manual is pretty useless. I now appreciate the phone book sized manual that came with the Toshiba!.

Thanks in advance.


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It will only copy in quick time at the same quality as the source so if the disc is not large enough to take the full program it will revert to real time.


If you have a LG 4912, open tray and
enter 0 seven times. You get a message congratulating you on making the recorder region free.

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I have a LG RH7500, can I open tray here as well and enter "0" seven times? By the way, what does open "tray" mean? English is not my first language and I was wondering what TRAY is?

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Hi There

I read that opening the tray with no dvd in it typing 7 times a 0 on your remote and it's region free,question is it also macrovion free.Plus can i by returning to my region code 02.Can I Keep my warrenty,or can they find out that I changed the settings




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Hi Henning,

The tray means the divice,that pops out of the dvd-recorderand you put your dvd on/or

Greetz Whoopie


What is your first language ????

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Does the hack also work for the LG RH 7900 ????


Whoopie ???

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Ok tried all the zeroes so what am I doing wrong??

What happens is that I opened the tray and pressed the zeroes and all it does is change channels.

Any suggestions? Thanks guys

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Hi. I have the LG LRY-517. I have a few questions for you, #1 Will this work on making my dvd player region free?
Also, will this void my warranty with bestbuy?
Also lastly, will this screw up any playback, ie will this actually stay region free, or do I have to do this each time I play a different region dvd? Will this still allow me to play my region 1 discs?
Sorry to ask so many questions...thanks again,

Hey I have a LG RH4820W and the zero hack works on this model too. Although have anyone else had any HDD problems with regards to data loss after capturing movies. Could this be a HDD fault??

Help please

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I have an LG RH 4820 and did the tray-zeroes trick and it works fine. I think you need to be on disk mode for it to work (on TV mode you just change channels). Anyway the strange thhing is that it took a couple of times before the ****** machine remembered it was made region free. The first time it went back to its region when I turned it off...spooky

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Can someone tell me how to record fast on this recorder or does everything have to be done real time??

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TENGO UN GRBADOR LG 4912M y no reconoce los discos virgen +y-R y tampoco reproduce los discos grabados DVD,cuando uno inserta un disco virgen para grabar, aparece un mensaje con una franja de color azul con un icono donde aparece una i latina de color negro,y dice buscar archivos del disco para playback,sin titulos para funcion, si alguien me puede ayudar para solucionar mi problema.gracias Arica-Chile.-
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