Somebody have some useful information about TIVO Hack, and the Linksys 200 USB Ethernet Adaptor? How can dial to subscribe your TIVO HR10-250 DIRECT TV from a foreign country? I've tried several options that haven't worked.


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There is no Tivo hack or any way to subscribe and dial to get the necessary downloads from DTV from another country

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The standard, unhacked Directv series II tivo does not force you to call out as long as you don't ever purchase a PPV. It will give you daily messages, and daily nags to make a phone call, but you just delete the messages and the TIVO will continue to work.
Unfortunately, you need to make a couple phone calls when you first get it, to get the system going, and you need to do that from US phone.

Once you buy a PPV, the TIVO function will lock up and no longer work after 30 days, until a phone call is made. So, just never buy a PPV and the TIVO should continue to work, although you will have to put up with phone nags and messages.

The schedule, showcases, and leader ads will download normally via satellite.
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