Sony NS975V v. Denon 1910 & 2910 v Tosh 5790


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I've been keeping everyone up on my DVD quest for my JVC.

I've had all the following upscaling, HDMI/DVI DVD's hooked-up to my new D-ILA 52" JVC RPTV and calibrated and tested with Digital Video Essentials DVD ...

Toshiba 5790
Denon 1910
Denon 2910 (pre and post firmware upgrade)
Sony NS975V

The Denons both tended toward green and was unable to balance the color/tint .. though the 2910 did have a nicer/smoother picture than the 1910. I also tried to calibrate the 2910 on my friends Benq 5800 projector .. same thing.

The Toshiba did not have a 0-IRE black setting (true black), was maddening slow to respond to the remote, and didn't provide any better of a picture (IMO) as the upscaler in the JVC.

The Sony (the one that I'll be keeping) seems to be the best so far (even better than the MUCH more expensive Denon 2910).

- Quick response to remote and a good menu structure
- 0-IRE
- HDMI and optical/coax digital out
- 12-bit video processing
- I was able to get a very good color balance using DVE (closer than any other)
- like the Denons, the Sony has it's own picture setup ability (color, tint, brightness, color temp, etc ..) .. so you can leave the TV at its best setting for cable/sat and use the DVD to tweek the picture settings.
- <$300.

So that's what I'm suggesting. The proof in the pudding for me are 2 flicks ... Master and Commander (scene "The Storm) and VanHeltzing (the scene in the village where he fights "the brides"). Very dark and busy scenes.

I know that some reviews have complained about color issues and remote response, but I see nothing of the sort in my tests. Actually , the color rendition is much more accurate than any other DVD I've tested and the remote response is immediate.


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Are you still happy with the SONY? While the troubles with the Toshiba are well documented and the praises of the Denons are easily found, I haven't been able to find much either way on this Sony.

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Just a warning. I have been reading on (sony message board) that this DVD player has trouble reading DVD's after about a month of use. May want to wait before picking the sony...

Not only that but at that same messageboard, the 975v has been known to lock up for no reason. Also to get it removed you'll have to supply an ID & proof of purchase to Sony, pretty insane if you ask me. Its a good player when it works, I know because I'm currently waiting for my replacement.

I'm waiting for my replacement too. The first one I had tray locked within 30 days so was able to get a new one right away. The second 975 tray locked on about day 50 so now I'm waiting on the repair/replacement also.

But when its working very pleased with it.

Am trying to decide between Denon 2910 and 3910. Main differences seem to be lack Denon Link, IEEE1394 output and RS-232C serial interface on the 2910. Since I don't believe I will be using those am leaning toward saving a bundle and going with the 2910. Any experience comparing these two?

Does anyone know if the lockup issue on the Sony has been permanantly fixed in recent ones?


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The tray lock issue has been addressed with newer firmware but you need to have it taken to an authorized service center for update.

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The Denon 3910 has many other refinements to both the video and sound. Totally different machines. The 3910 can conmpete with any player out there.
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