Dropped my TV, will it ever live again?


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I was moving my TV and the thing fell off a stand 3 feet from the ground onto carpeting. It fell on it's screen. It is a flat screen, so it didn't shatter or anything. I don't know why it decided to kill itself, but it did. I tried to turn it on again. I hear a zap, like it normally turns on. then I hear fuzzzz. then it stops. My room mates said, give it 5 days then see if it will work. Anybody got any idea. They also said "DONT TAKE IT APART, THE CHARGE WILL KILL YOU!" OK thanks!

Jimbo in Dallas
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Your only option may be to call in a repair tech or take it in somewhere that handles your brand. You should be able to contact the OEM to find a local repair tech that could do the work.
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