How about the mighty powerful JVC TH-505?


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We all love Onkyo products. Almost every site you go, Onkyo's home theaters get such good reviews. I found Onkyo's latest review HT-S770 at Just look how it did. It also deserve to get something like Maximum's home theater Kick A$$ Award. But how about other home theaters such as JVC TH-M505? None of you guys talk about Sony home theaters nor JVC's. It's either Onkyo or Pioneer or Denon u guys talk about. So how about it guys!? Can any of you tell me how the new JVC is like?

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if i remember correctly, the JVC is an integrated system (DVD player and receiver in one). There are many downsides to this, for example if something were to happen to it, and you had to send it on for repairs, you'd be out an entire system. It also makes it pointless to upgrade, as you'd basically have to change the whole thing.

The Onkyo systems are component systems, meaning there is a dedicated receiver and a dedicated DVD player, which translates to far better performance. You can also send your DVD player in for repairs and still have a fully functioning receiver, or vice versa. You also have the option of upgrading either the receiver or the DVD player, which you wouldn't have with the JVC.

The Onkyo is also 6 channel, whilst the JVC is only 5. Hope that helps.

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can someone help me please?
I just purchased a JVC HT-505, how do I hook up the TV to this to have the tv sound coming from the system?
Thank you

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TV audio output--> JVC HT-505 audio input

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I did a few tests on the 505 system at a local electronics store a few weeks ago. I tried out Black Hawk Down and some music I brought with me. The system sounded ok, but not great. The speakers are really tiny and don't sound too good. The subwoofer however is friggin" huge. Its almost as if they tried to make up for the small speakers with the huge subwoofer. I'd actually say the subwoofer is overkill. For the same amount of money, you can get the panasonic scht920s. That's what I ended up buying. Its leaps and bounds above the jvc and looks really good. Hope this helps
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