Ceiling 4.0 + In-Wall 3.0 + Standing 0.1 Speaker Setup ~ $2000


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Alright, so I have a bit of a challenge for you guys. I hardly know anything about speakers that go in the ceiling (or in-wall for that matter) but after much argument, this is what my parents said they want in their living room because they want nothing on the floors. I barely convinced them of the subwoofer. They drilled the holes for wires in the places I told them and basically, I figure the following is what I need...

Ceiling speakers are usually circular and commonly around an 8" diameter so that's what I told them it will most likely be. They now expect that so I hope I wasn't wrong. The back speaker pair will obviously need to be able to tilt or at least be built already tilted at a predetermined angle. The side pair needs to be facing down as they will practically be right above.

The only thing about the in-wall speakers is that they need to be square.

I presume the right way to go about this is up to $400 per ceiling pair, $500 for a L/R front speaker pair, $300 for the Center speaker, and up to $500 for the subwoofer. A little more for whichever of those three would be okay, if there's something that'll be found that's well worth it, relative to whatever is for less. If you're wondering about a receiver, we already have one It's pretty good - a Yamaha. I didn't check if it has calibration (as it isn't mine), but regardless, it's not of concern for what I need help with.

Suggestions for any part of this setup are really appreciated. Thanks in advance, sincerely.

**Some more info might be necessary that I didn't think of so please ask if it helps


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hi there not much of a challenge this is what I do at my place with those options and speaker wire already installed correct?
i treat every install as to what I would do at my place,,
5 of these plus any sub you want and audition first...

. tics-DSi-495-Single-in-ceiling-home-theater-speaker/product_info.html
these would match well with your yamaha.........
and here are rectangular inwalls

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Hmm.. Never heard of Boston Acoustic. Regardless, price wise, it can be a bit more. Since you recommended these, I would assume so, but out of all the brands and models, especially in regards to the in-walls, you would say these have the best value for the buck? In other words, you're confident that most, if not all other speakers for this money would be of a lesser potency?

It's very difficult with speakers, especially because of the level of subjectivity and lack of experience with an ample amount of different speakers, especially when it also has to fall under a specific range (price wise). Nothing personal I'm sure you know, so I'd like to ask, how might you think this should be went about? I can get an ample amount of suggestions, and technical details rarely mean much unless the differences are vast, so how do I decide?

Before it was easy for me when I was choosing 5.1 speakers for my computer. The Logitech Z-5500 which I ended up getting for $300 were absolutely ridiculous for the price. There's nothing else that compares in that range - one of the best purchases I have ever made. When I was choosing IEM headphones from $50-$80, maybe 10 stood out and from there I picked out the kind of sound I was looking for based on consistent details in descriptions/reviews. There isn't too much consistency with these speaker recommendations so I just have no clue...

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hi there research the speakers ,
reviews recommendations,
these are known online [ba]as best bang for the buck.

but this model was their high end one.
I guess most people have not heard of boston ,,,,,,,
bose for sure correct?
We all have seen plenty of negative reviews plastered all over the internet and this forum about bose.

you can spend half the money on boston and or similiar and sound would be 3 times better.
I'm also putting my reputation on the line here and say feel free to buy these blindly online.
Tweeters angle too.
Dakmart is best price but call or email them better yet you can buy them right away ,,
If they are not in stock you can try the other rectangle speakers or similiar.
here's a link to their site from last year check out price of each

let me know

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Well of course I know Bose Never would I get them. They're completely not worth it and it's not even like no other speakers approach their quality - I know. I just never heard of these You seem very confident about them and I will certainly look further into them. From what you showed above, I'm really impressed. I think what threw me off a little was the cover so it looked too ordinary. I keep getting new suggestions from different people so I became quick to judge, thank you. I almost think it's a trick. There might be a way for me to discredit many things from my current options, some of which I might already be able to do on my own but if trusting you with this, I can get a really clear idea of how good these speakers are. Below is a link to where I listed all other speaker suggestions. Just look at the links. From there, which are you confident that the Boston Acoustics are better than (mainly the in-ceiling)?

As I've mentioned, there hasn't really been too much consistency with what people recommend like there has been with other things in the past.

-Thank you

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hi David from that list i haven't really heard many but I've heard of them.
Good things too but tannoy are good too for the money.

the others like [at] are good but did you see those prices?

again I'll say b.a. for the money can't be beat,,
and if you want better sound switch the yamaha reciever to say marantz 5004 and boston blend beautifully..
I just installed another combo today and customer was raving when I was there and leaving.

so as you would have a problem leaving your parents place with this setup.
Money you'll save on speakers can go towards a reciever new,

or the install itself..
if you can change front speaker wires say flex16/2 from audioquest.

again swithching from yama to marantz would be hugeover still using the yamaha with more expensive speakers.

my 2 cents
by the way avs is a really good site too..


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Wow. Now that looks like a receiver! I love it. This is a very rare instance that I could dive into something without knowing anything about it. I can tell by the way it's built and designed that it's the right thing even though I never heard of that company either. (Of course I'd be careful and look at what it has but from first glance, looks very nice).

I gotcha though. Last question and then I'll leave you alone I really like Onkyo receivers and they're popular so I'm pretty sure you've came across them before. How do similar priced Onkyo receivers compare or just Onkyo receivers in general? Thanks very much for the help.

Out of all the listed speakers though, only the Atlantic Technology and Sonance fronts are more expensive (but still possible to afford). All the others were similarly priced so I really just needed a look at all those with price not taken into consideration, or rather, simply comparing their quality.

Anyway, thanks again for your responses! They are respectable

**On the AVSForum, I rarely ever get a response for anything. I know it's a good site but that gets pretty frustrating...

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ok gotta say the onkyo recievers are good and powerful they dont give you what marantz detailed perfect full bass souund.

but hooked up to sony bluray and polkaudio floorstanders was decent
we are looking at inwalls here though... marantz and ba
is what i would do,

and what you decide depends on what you OR YOUR ears like I only offered suggestions on what I would do..
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