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Hello All, this is my first post in this forum.

I am looking to buy a Klipsch RSW-10 Sub-woofer.. (to match with my RF-3, RC-3, and RS-3 combo, which I got at tweeter for 50% when they were upgrading to the RF-3II etc stuff 2 yrs ago!)

I looked thru the web and found the sub at three different websites for 660.. brandnamez, acousticsounddesign, and sounddistributors.

I also emailed my local klipsch dealers and told them that I was looking for that sub, and yada yada and looking for a good price.. and that I could get it for 660. They all emailed me back saying that they could never come close to matching that price, and that I should not buy from the web because Klipsch is cracking down on unothaurized dealers who are selling gray market or defective product. hmm

What do you guys think? Do you buy stuff of the web.. I see that the stuff on the web does not have the klipsch factory warranty..

what is your advice? Should I pay like 900 at the store? so I can get a real sub? or Im I getting ripped with a sub-par copy of the sub in the web?

and 2nd qs, what do you guys think about the sub?

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nice sub but try HSU or SVS, much better IMO.

Acousticsoundesign and sounddistibutors are reputable ealers as I have dealt with them a number of tims and so did a lot of my friends.

You local dealer will not really recommend that you buy their product from another take it from there.

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On this forum, go to "Home Audio" then click on "Amps". Find "How to buy and sell ..." for more opinions.

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J T,

If you can spend $660 and get a new, boxed, Klipsch RSW-10, with manual and accessories, with a Klipsch serial number, free delivery, advice you need to decide whether it goes with the rest of your system, advice on how to get the best out of it, a demonstration, a full warranty, someone else who takes responsibility if it does not meet your requirements, and the possibility of exchanging it for a different make, free, if it does not; then you would be crazy to spend the extra $240 at your local dealer.

Why not contact Klipsch and see what they say? They are in the business of making speakers; they want people to be satisfied with their product, and to come back, another day, for more.

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regarding authorized dealers and warranties- the authorized dealer has minimum prices that he can sell at. Kind of like price fixing. Grey market items can and usually are just like the items dealers sell, with the same probability of an issue with the product. Warranties are just insurance policies on the product. The seller of the extended warranty is making money on that sale, usually 1/2 of the sales price goes to the seller and 1/2 to the underwriter of the warranty, who also makes money based on the probability of a problem occuring being low. Therefore, you, the buyer is losing money on the transaction. If you took the $240 and set it aside in a bank account for possible servicing later, and did this for all unpurchased extended warranties on everything that you buy, most likely you would have a huge reserve set aside that you could use for the unlikely repairs. Sort of self insured!
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