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I Have a Kenwood VR-209 surround receiver with 2
linear phase tower speakers 125 watt each. The surround receiver says 8- 12ohms speakers compatible. Please advise i need a center speaker, 2 surround speakrs, and a sub woofer.
My budget would be between 60 to 80 bucks.
Is it possible or how much it would cost me to get a basic and good set of speakers and sub woofer.

Thanks in advance

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That's an older flagship model 5.1 surround kenwood made in the 90's. You want to match the speaker IMPEDENCE on all 5.1 surround...the .1 stands for LFE or low frequency emission or better known as SUBWOOFER. the 5 stands for front, rears, center.
according to most experts for general home theater use unless you're an audiophile who know what they're doing, ALL of your SPEAKERS should MATCH in performance, that's why they recommend buying a SET of the same manufacturer for "timbering" purposes, basically for tonal/balancing aspect of the speakers. In other words, all your speakers should be either all 4 ohms, or 8 ohms( 8 ohm speakers preferred because it's less STRAIN on your receiver's amplifier, 4 ohms drains twice as much current/power from the amplifier) 4 ohm speakers are generally used for HIGH end speakers/amps.

you can get inexpensive speakers for that such as KLH, lower makes of PIONEER/SONY, BIC, rca, phillips.
Try EBAY, UBID, or google, shopzilla, amazon.
The best bang for your money on speakers of low cost but of good quality is FLUANCE, a canadian company.
KLH, is cheaper(though they have been around since the 60's making high end audio), you can get them at bestbuy.
If you want quality, you have to pay more.
FLUANCE, BIC are respectable companies that is quality but affordable, others you have to pay much more.
Wharfedale is another company, it's a british company. They make high end and inexpensive speakers.
I would recommend a home theater set, rather than individual according to your budget...
$60-80 is not much for a home theater, but there are inexpensive sets for that much of generic brands and USED known brand, or sometimes you can get a good deal auctioning at ebay or ubid.
try ELECTRONIC GIANT, they also sell at ebay. or sometimes have good deals too!

I suggest though, you get USED high grade speakers from auctioning like ebay, cuz some of the sellers are just trying to get rid of excess gear.
my tip is TRY TO GET IT FROM "AUDIOPHILES" basically well to do people who spends lots of money on high end gear or hi fi, but is clearing his/her SPACE cuz they are buying a newer high end gear. Plus audiophiles take care of their equipment, they make buy something for thousands and sell it for hundreds when they are upgrading or clearing their homes.
I hope that helps!
pS, i am a speaker collector of vintage and current technology. newer doesn't always mean better, great systems have been designed in the past and present. some of the speakers in the past are superior to some in the present and vice versa.
I am also a former high end home theater installer.
YOu can't expect much for that many speakers in a home theater and be able to get it at 60-80's, without buying generic or cheap models.
Some of the things i mentioned are rare occasions in which someone is just trying to make space and have lots of income to sell an item at very low price for what they paid.
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