No Digital 5.1 via Optical to Coaxial Converter


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Hi all,

I have ran my Optical lead from my Xbox 360 into a converter then a Coax from there into the Digital IN on my Home Theatre and cannot get any sound. The 360 is set to 5.1 Digital and I have pressed AUX/D.I on the System and nothing. The strange thing is that if I change the setting on the 360 to Stereo sound then comes through. Any advise, could it be the 360 cannot send the 5.1 through the Converter??. Thanks to all for any help

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Have you configured the 360 to send digital audio signals? Check your manual.

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Thanks Berny for a quick response. Yes, I set the 360 audio settings to Digital 5.1. I've been trying to figure this since I bought the Converter 3 months ago, I just don't understand why it can't work

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What sort of samsung receiver is it? I'm thinking that the cables are alright if they can still send stereo... the box must still be able to convert the signal for stereo sound to come out. You don't happen to have any other components that just have the digital coax output?

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I have the Philips MX5800SA Home Theatre. I actually tryed hooking up another DVD Player which had Coax out. I ran the Coax lead from that into IN on the back of the Amp and that did the same, Stereo came through but not 5.1. That DVD Player was 5.1 capable

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Your converter is either faulty or its not doing what you think it is! I'd say check your converter's manual and see what is it capable of? Does it really sends out 5.1 signal?
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