1 set of speakers for PC and TV


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i have no clue about this at the moment.

I have a PC with onboard 5.1 compatibility.

I want to buy a home theatre package for my TV.

How can I use 1 set of speakers for both?

My PC have 6 outputs for speakers.

I was gonna buy a creative 5.1 gigaworks S500 for example, can this be used by the TV too?

Or what is better for example is here

any help would be greatly appreciated


If I get a home theater it will have 6 speakers going into an amp, and then 1 connection to a TV.

Can my PC then have 6 connections to the amp so that it use the speakers in a 5.1 way?

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If you are going to purchase a complete package for home theater, it will come with a set of speakers.

If you connect your PC to the home theater package you are set. No complications, you use the same speakers provided by the home theater package.

However, it would be impractical to turn on your home theater just to use the speakers when you are on the computer, wouldn't it? Just get a cheap speaker set for your PC for times when you only want to use the PC.

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My PC and home theatre are in the same room.

When I am using my computer and want to hear sound, I will turn on my home theatre (not including TV).

When I want to watch TV and have theatre sound I will turn on my home theatre.

My PC and home theatre are in the same room.

So its pretty easy to set up home theatre with a TV.

Can i connect my onboard 5.1 sound card to the home theatre and take advantage of the sound.

I can probably connect using on cable to the home theatre, but I want to ensure its 5.1 sound then.

When talking about a home theatre, this includes the amp/head unit, which powers the speakers?

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What head unit? There is no head unit...the home theater is a receiver.

But yes you can do that.

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What Im after here is a little more information then of how it all connects.

I have 6 speakers, with 6 cables. They would all connect to my PC, as it has 6 sockets.

But the 6 speakers will not connect to my TV which has only the basic couple of Audio In sockets.

Therefore, I need the A/V Reciever, which is shown in the link in my first post.

So now my TV has one connection to the Reciever which has 6 connections to the speakers.

TV set up perfectly for home cinema.

But how do I connect my PC to the reciever?

Now does my PC have 1 connection to the Reciever or does my PC need to have 6 connections to the reciever. Cos the PC has 6 speaker sockets.

Connecting my PC with only 1 cable to the Reciever would not give it real 5.1 surround sound, or would it?

Or would the reciever now handle the emulation of the 5.1? Because thats what it is doing for the TV, so it does the same for the PC?

Or could I have 6 connections from the PC to the Reciever so using the onboard 5.1 which I have brought.

Or when connecting with one cable from the PC to the reciever, is connecting Optically or with another better technology utilising the 5.1 thats on my PC?

Can anyone see what im going on about?

As you can see, I really have no clue. Thanks in advance.

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Let us keep it simple.

You want to connect your PC to the receiver.

If you want 5.1 surround from your PC, it needs a digital audio output or line level analog outputs.

A digital audio output will need to connect to a digital audio input on your receiver. It could be optical audio or coaxial digital or both.

If you have a line level analog output from your PC, you have to make sure that your receiver can accept this inputs. The receiver should have a left front, right front, center, right rear, left rear and subwoofer INPUTs in the back.

A digital audio output from your PC will make things simpler because you will only need one digital audio cable to connect to your receiver as opposed to six.

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Hi there. Thought I'd highjack this relevant thread rather than creating a new one.

I used to have a Dell surround sound system for my PC with a subwoofer and six speakers (L and R speakers for front, centre, and rear). I've finally replaced this after years of abuse and some faults including blowing or otherwise damaging the sub once, and a replacement sub twice (once repaired).

For listening to music I only use my PC, and I also used to watch DVDs on it. To use the soundsystem with my TV for playing a games console or otherwise just watching television I used a female-to-female audio lead to connect the TV's headphone output socket to the PC's microphone input socket.

I could then, for example, use this setup to listen to music and play on a games console simultaneously which I do quite a lot. I could also enjoy the quality of surround sound and a subwoofer when not listening to music but just watching tv, or playing a game, without changing any leads. I could do the same in reverse for just listening to music - no lead changes.

If I wanted to adjust individual volumes I could simply either use Window's volume panel to adjust the Microphone playback volume and Wave playback volume; or, adjust Media Player's volume control or the TV's volume control. I could also mute either of the two easily and quickly.

I now have a Logitech G51 system as a replacement for the Dell but I wanted to find another way to set up the system with the TV and computer because the one drawback was that the PC had to be switched on otherwise there would be no audio sent from the micropone audio input to the speakers audio output. This isn't exactly ideal and to have any audio from the TV I would have to remove the speaker's lead from the PC and plug it straight into the TV, or remove the female-to-female lead from the TV and just use it's pretty lame built-in speakers. I also use my PS3 games console for watching DVDs instead of using the PC as it's DVD drive started to act up a bit. I would really like a setup which will mean I don't ever have to change or remove leads, and can enjoy the benefit of using the sound system with both the TV and PC, without having to rely on one of the two always being switched on in order to have audio output for the other one.

So how can I get around this? I know from this thread and other online searching prior to find this thread that using a "Y" lead is incorrect and fully understand why this is. So a summing box / mixer is what is needed - correct? Could I just use a simple 2-channel (or more) stereo mixer like this?


Surely I can use this and connect the mixer's stereo output to the soundsystem, and connect two of the mixer's stereo inputs to the TV's output and the PC's output?
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