Scammed and I'm pissed


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I just got ripped off. $500.00 White van, VA Plates JLD-3154. After I'm done kicking myself, my friends in the Fed Government are coming for you punk. Amazing the amount of information you can get from a a license plate. For those selling this crap, you should ask some questions about the person you are ripping off. Hope your taxes are in order.

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i guess the real problem that I have with the people who buy from "white van" and complain is don't you feel your getting the great deal? I mean your getting 2,000 worth of speakers for like 500 - 1,000 bucks. So it's ok for you to get this "awesome" deal, yet when you find out that it was "awesome" for the other party your pissed.
Save yourself the trouble, if it looks like it's a deal thats too good to be true, it probably is.

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I just got ripped off with a Kirsch cinema system

Is there such a system

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I have a similar issue chris...

They put names (kirsch) that are meant to sound like famous names (klipsch) and the average person doesnt know better.

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I was just approached today from (2) guys in a white van claiming to be from PA (King of Prussia area). One fairly good size guy 30-ish and had a black rock n roll t-shirt on! Real smooth talker, and yes, I hooked up w/a set for $260. Luckily, I thought I pretty much knew what I was getting, and the boxes have the matching paperwork.

Hooked them up and they do work, but don't sound like my Klipsch Cornwall's (lol).

After reading these posts, I wonder if I got ripped?

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Ooops...forgot to add:

Blonde hair(past ear length) and happend in Delmar, DE. He claimed they were extras from the warehouse and he couldn't return with them.

Yeah, it all sounded like BS, but for $260 a pair, if the comps sounds like chit, at least I have a nice set of cabinets and can replace them w/diff mid/tweets and xovers.

Live and learn!

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The scammers are also in lethbridge alberta. bought a set for 100.00 sound good. the wire is absolute crap though. All speakers run through the sub so they were easy to hook up although the sub reads two inputs but you only hook up to one side the other input is just a speaker out. As long as they last the year where else can you find a system for 100.00 even?

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Exactly.....this pair definitely has some serious mid-bass/midrange issues, and very harsh (definitely freq drop-offs) and they take much more power to drive(inefficient).

For video/surround application, they'll work OK, but if anyone thinks these are hi-end audiophile speakers, guess again.

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when r people going to learn....anything that seems too good to be true, probably is... this "white van" scam has been going on for a long time. IF you are lucky, you get some cheap speakers instead of the name brand they told you, if you are unlucky, you get a box full of rocks or something else to give it weight.

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damn white van scam.

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there is a team in Columbus, Ga/ Phenix city, AL, working... 1-16-2007..

I learneda to be sceptical a long time ago... now my son has to learn this lesson.. he bought the "Kirsh K3 5.1 system" they were asking $600, showed him where they are worth $2495... on the scam webpage shows same price. He paid $300...

I guess I'll hook em up to something to see if he got $100. worth. LoL= Learned our Lesson...


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Username: Tresk

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My brother in-law just got scammed with these speakers as well. Thing is he's asked me if I can hook them up and see if they'll work.

How would I go about that?

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ye just got the same thing at wal-mart, i gave them to the kids and i guess that will work,i was wondering how to hook them up to an xbox 360 for him, he doesn't have a vcr or anything in his room either

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Ditto here. Scam of sorts but on the Di Vinci system. Wal Mart parking lot. I am considering that my son go ahaed and try to get them working just to see how they really are, maybe for general listening enhancement in another room,not the theatre room. Another thread had mentioned that he also had the Di Vinci receiver and had hooked them up and it worked really good. Not a Bose surround i'm sure but not $2g tag either.
Any experience or feedback with any of these "white van systems"

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I don't know guys. I have a hard time trusting respected retail stores. I can't imagine ever giving these sums of money to some guy on the street in any amount and for any product. If these individuals were a ligitimate business men with a trusted product to sell on a large scale why would they be doing it out of a van on the street? It would seem to me that they would have some kind of store front or be selling to retail stores from a warehouse. If they have to do it this way it should be inherent that they are doing something dishonest to make an easy buck. Just the fact that they need to do it this way should be enough to tell you that they are trying to rip you off. A little advice if someone tries to sell you something this way -laugh and run don't walk away. If you are trusting enough to hand a stranger a significant amount of money in this manner then you deserve what you get.

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I got scammed too and i am trying to make the best of it.. i threw out the wire and i need to buy some new wire.. does anyone know the wire specs?

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This is a common scam. What the guys in the white vans are doing is not illegal. They are selling a real product built in their own factory in many cases. Often they even have a website showing the products at much higher prices. It is unethical but not illegal. They are simply using your greed to their advantage. You know you are buying ill-gotten goods. They tell you that upfront in most cases. Now that is the lie. This is simply how they market a 3rd rate product very profitably.
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