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Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question, but I haven't been able to find the answer so I thought I'd ask.

I'm looking at buying my first home theater system here, and I'm looking at getting a Yamaha HTR-5850 or 5860. Both of these receivers put out 105 watts and 110 watts per channel respectively. Now, when looking at speakers, if I get speakers that can only handle a max of 100 watts, am I going to blow out the speakers? Does anyone now an some what inexpensive set of speakers that would be good with this system? Thanks in advance.

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Just my opinion, look at other receivers that output a cleaner amplification like Harman Kardon or Onkyo, my experience with Yamaha is a real washed out sound. To answer your question, the amount of rated wattage on a standard output receiver such as the Yamaha you are looking at is what it equals inside the metal chasis. The amount of wattage with that particular receiver that hist your speaker depending on your wire gauge would be about half of the stated rating. If you just want sound out of inexpensive speakers, stick with that receiver and get some low cost speakers. By going with a receiver with a cleaner output you will gain a better sound at both high and low listening levels depending on the speakers you select.

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I think you have the priorities backwards. When it comes to recommendations, I would always put my best money into the speakers. These little electro/mechanical wonders are basis for good/bad sound reproduction. The amplifier (albeit important to the system) is less responsible for the reproduction of sound. Almost any amplifier on the second shelf and up will produce a quality signal that a good pair of speakers can turn into a respectable production. All that said, amplifer specs (most of which are greek to the average buyer) is what separates the good amps from the bad ones. A discussion that can be found on most how-to boards.

Back to your question. You would not want to buy speakers with less wattage than your amp due to several reasons, obviously as you discerned, but due to clipping and distortion that occur when overdriving any part of the system. Distortion is the source of pain in your ears when listening to elevated sound levels and will ruin your HT experience. So do yourself a favor and match the system. (Can you get by, Sure, do you want to??)

as for FEOT, I couldnt translate what he said??

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