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Come on now...we get the point. You thought you were getting a deal, you got cheap speakers, now you feel ripped off. About 1/4 of you can't get them to work, and the rest of you want to know how bad they are. Why does everyone feel the need to chime in the same story over and over?

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Welcome to the internet. The ultimate soapbox. The topic is in its own thread(s), so if people want to vent, what do you care? Just don't click on it.

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I got scammed two days ago, at the local home depot. two guys gave me the same rap about the extra set, their boss. told me that they were from out of town, and would hook me up with these speakers, in exchange for money for beer and some strip club they wanted to check out. they had the magazine ad too. got me for $240. i thought i got a great deal, until i got home and searched for theater research to see some reviews. first site that popped up was this one. are these speakers any good?

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Aurora, Il....Home Depot off 88 & Orchard

Ha! Yep, me too........and I'm glad! $200 and 2 packs of smokes got me the 5.1 system!...........I pluged it in, all works and sounds nice, a little bit of power too.(hooked it up to my Pioneer reciever). Overall, they honestly are fair speakers that produce decent sound ....and thats about it...wouldnt use it for anything serious like trying to decipher ohm and decible output or mixing down 98 tracks of THX digital audio....or whatever you guys are trying to do with these. Fiddle with your eq, throw on a cd, and turn it up and stop your moaning. Ya get what ya pay for. Where else can you get 5 speakers for 200 bucks, thats 40$ each....dont know where you can get a sub for $40 bucks other than a flea market or radio shack. If you are really into your audio equipment thats cool but you already should have known better.....a brand you never heard of, cheezy packaging, that cheap sales pitch from a couple of dropouts....did you actually think that there is something better than your Bose or Polk system out there, and that nobody other than these kids ever heard of or have written a review on or advertised somewhere!?. I knew it wasnt legit and got chuckle out of the two kids sales pitch.....made me laugh. I was actually looking for some small speakers to put on my system 'cause I just got rid of the enormous TOA monitors I was using. I opened the boxes and checked them out to make sure I wasnt buying a box of sand and yeh, I gave em 20o bucks......i think we all have blown far more money on far worse in our past! Nobody likes to be had, and you werent,... and there is no need to want to kill someone over speakers.....they offered and you bought, so what, lesson learned, if it hurts you'll get over it (except for they guy that had them forced on him). I'm actually rather pleased with my new speakers. I have owned the Bose system, have a Polk sub, used TOA for tack mixing and have JVC on my garage system......and though these definately are not those, I have also had far far worse that cost much more....(pssst...Sony)! How many of you actually set them up before complaining? Dont blame them, even the slugs and bottom feeders have to eat, we all choose our own vocations.....what comes around goes around and it will catch up with them in the end. My satisfaction comes with the fact that the speakers work, and work rather fine for my use.....so to me it was a deal. I dont support their methods and lies but its our own fault......especially you audio guys that should have known better. Got their bogus name and phone number, car make and plates (which I could have traced to the owner)a reciept and even an invite to join them at the local strip club!!!..but not gonna do anything about it....you cant, other than lieing to you they are merely selling you something; and tell me when a salesman has actually told you the truth..Ha!.......as far as I see it I'm happy and I win. So when and if they get busted or shut down, overdose on drugs, wind up in jail, get the sh!t beat out of them or go out and actually get a legit job........I'll still be happy listening to my rather good, off name, mislabled, China-made, sold on a lie, set of average speakers.
.......common sense people.

i posted this a few days ago....and just to let you know....they ARE very nice speakers, been blasting them for three days now.....havent blown em yet!....from other posts ive read i guess you should hook them up to at least a good reciever.

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