Klipsch vs. Polk


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Im at a loss between 2 systems for my new house. Im not a big techy so I appreciate any advice. The choices I have been given are:
> - PSW505B Powered sub woofer
> - RTI6CH main speakers
> - CSI3 Center speaker
> - TC80I Rear speakers
> - TC60I Ceiling speakers
> - Atrium 65W Waterproof patio speakers

> - RW-10 Sub woofer
> - RB-25 Bookshelves speakers
> - RC-25 Center speaker
> - R-3800-C ceiling speakers
> - R-3650-C ceiling speakers (for the library and bedroom)
> - AW-650 all weather speaker for the patio

Can someone recommend any system over the other? To power them, I was given two choices:
1) Yamaha RXV657 (receiver, amplifier,etc) ;
2) Integra DTR 5.5 receiver w/A-Bus / 7 by 110.


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I favor the Klipsch speakers.

on the receiver both are good choices, if you prefer purity of sound go with the Yammie.

If you prefer power go with the integra

Yamaha has a reputation for sound with a virtue of definition, Integra (Onkyo) has a reputation for high power balls to the wall no frill amps.

Really a matter of call as to how you prefer your music. both will perform adequately for your home theater.

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Listen and then decide for yourself.

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To corect the statement before from micheal, I have used every receiver out there and intalled that is worth hooking up and I have done some many systems that make my 30K 2 channel look like Garbage. The integra and Yammie are in two different ball parks. The integra is a better build machine, but is geared more towards theater. It's a little bright on audio. The yamaha is a well rounded sound for music, but just isn't as clean and dynamic. I'm one that is very critical on music but I would buy an integra in a heart beat...By the way I sell both brands and have heard them back and forth

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Nice touch on misspelling correct...

His opinion aside, The 2 models of of receivers you are choosing between are both of similar caliber in regards to the features you are getting with either, they are both in the same bracket.

One is 85 watts per channel, one is 95, both have video conversion, both have multizone capability, both are 7.1 capable, with assignable digital inputs and outputs.

To say that these 2 receivers are in "different ballparks" is ludicrous. They are both very evenly matched; and in fact are designed to compete with one another.

Being in the rather un-unique position to have heard both amps on the same setup, my opinion remains that either will perform adequaltely for your pre-processed DTS coming from the DVD player.

The real choice you have to make is on the Musical abilities of each receiver. Listen to your favorite music on both with similar speakers and decide.

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i favor the klipsch sound system. With the yammaha reciever by far. Klipsch are highly recomended, by me.

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Wudd up...

Quick question... just want some reviews as to whether you guys think the sound system i bought was any good...

Polk Audio RTi12
Velodyne DPS Sub
HK AVR-635

lemmie know what you guys think
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