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I'm running a Yamaha RX-V2500 receiver with paradigm monitor 9 v.3 towers as fronts .I am leaning towards purchasing the cc470 center because I plan on switching th fronts to studio 20's in the future.My question is will the 2500 be enough to drive the cc470 adequately or am I better off going with the cc370 and second will the cc470 still voice match okay with the monitor 9's??Thanks for you're input.

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First off nice system and good choices.

Your owners manual lists a RMS minimum of 130 watts to center, and Yammi doesn't fudge the numbers like some other companies, so no matter what speaker you go with you should be able to achieve *far more* than adequate volume for the room size.

At worse you might have to retune the system in the channel levels, But keep in mind retuning is not a setback, its merely recalibrating the system to accommodate the new equipment.

If you have then equipment to run every aspect at 100% power then you are under amplified, and overextending your system. It's good to have the speakers at half power with room for expansion.

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Buy the CC470 I have used it in hundreds of systems. It really doesn't take much more power at all. Anyway you still wouldn't have enough power to get all the tone out of something like the cc170. All speakers take power and the more you have the better is sounds. Buy the better sounding speakers and you can alway upgrade you power off your RXV2500. By the way, you picked out a good match that is will rounded dollar for dollar. Tip: always turn your speakers to small. It drops off only the bottom 2 octaves(80hz and below)The bottome 2 octave requires 66% of your power. Put the power were it matters. Leave the muddy bass to the sub were it belongs. FYI I play bass guitar and I love moderate levels
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