Onkyo 770 problem - Please help


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I have noticed that my Onkyo 770 will turn itself off during moments of loud, sudden sound during a movie. I am sure that it is some type of self-protection system, but I don't know why it would be doing this because my system is not up extremely loud when it happens.

I have my cable box and dvd audio sent to my receiver using optical cables. The volume is only up to around 40, where it sounds like a system like mine should be able to easily handle. Could my speaker setup be poor? Could my surround speakers be set to loud? I'd appreciate any help you can offer with this.

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i also noticed that the red "standby" light blinks after this happens... any ideas anyone??

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I think your right, sounds like amp protection mode.

Some possible causes could include bad speaker, bad or insufficient wiring, low or dirty utility power, Improper ventilation around receiver (overheating)

Try checking the wires for damage or poor connection. Check your speakers (assuming the ones came with HTIB) for cone melting or damage or distortion during play. Make sure your plugged into an outlet that is not servicing a microwave or frig. Use a Protective surge strip (won't fix low power but is good investment anyhow.) No matter what don't put anything within about 4-5" of top or heat generating devices below this unit. Convection cooling of this unit Requires free air movement. Sometimes even AV stands block too much cooling.

The red standby also blinks when the remote is in use, nobody screwing with you, are they?? :o)
Just some ideas to try. Good luck.

Steve Berry
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I just setup my Onkyo S570 HTIB and have noticed the same thing. Chris, have you fixed the problem yet?

So, PhilMan, I have my receiver setup in a middle section of my entertainment center above my 32" TV. It is sitting on the shelf of the entertainment center, with no other device directly above it or below it. Is this even insufficient cooling? Should I put it on top of the entertainment center?

I've checked all the wiring three times, and everything seems to be O.K. I'm using 16 gauge wire all around. All speakers seem to test O.K.

What's an acceptable volume level for a system like this? I've had it up to 53 with no distortion. Is that too loud for this system?



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Since Chris has a 520 receiver and you have a 320 receiver we should (not guaranteed) be able to rule out identical power output circuitry. (i'm not hinting for a moment that there is not a system problem just trying to do arms length troubleshooting)

This would lead me to think that maybe your Entertainment console is restricting free air flow. A 32" CRT can in itself reject a large amount of heat. It would be a good test if you could set your reciever some where away from the heat and out in the open to see if you continue to experience the same problem.

As far as volume level, it depends on content. Obviously you know that a stereo source at that setting will rock your world. However, a DD source this is normal listening level in my experience. (mid to large room) And no I don't think that should cause a problem provided your not looping something like the "Day after Tomorrow" DVD.

For giggles, try a small personal fan over the unit. I think in your case cooling may make a difference.

my 2¢

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Onkyos are usually pretty good about dissipating heat as far as my experience with them goes. the one thing that will crap them out big time is short circuit wiring. Whether it's your speaker wires or a cheapo patch cable that's shorted out. I would unplug everything, and plug in one item at a time and turn it up til you figure out which item is turning it off. if you don't wanna mess with that, just replace all the wiring straight up. If you still have a prob, call ONKYO
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