Onkyo HT-S770 Rcvr Problem


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I've had an HT-S770S for almost 2 months and
have been very happy with it. I also have the
Onkyo DVCP702. I have the DVR equipped Motorola
HD cable box from Comcast and a Samsung 61" DLP
TV. Video is switched through the receiver, all
cables are component video. Audio from the cable
box is optical and from the DVD player is digital

Here's the problem. Last night while watching the
Final Four with friends there were two loud pops
and then the audio cut out. The display on the
receiver went blank except that the standby light
was flashing. The video was not affected. I also
tried the DVD player to make sure the cable wasn't
causing the problem and the same thing happened,
two pops and nothing. The volume was only set at

Any idea what this might be? I've read through the
previous threads on the 770 and haven't seen any-
thing like this. The closest is the melting blown
speaker/melting tweeter probem.

I'm guessing that I'll be schlepping the rcvr off
to the local service center, but any help would be


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did you ever find out what the problem was?

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The answer to your question is yes and no.

I took it in for warranty service. They called me and said that the center channel output was bad and some parts needed to be replaced. I picked it up and hooked it back up at home and the same problem occured as soon as I turned it on!

I pulled the amp out from the TV stand shelf, unhooked everything again, and did some testing with an old CD player and a spare pair of speakers. Testing channels 2 at a time all was OK.
Then I hooked up the 6 Onkyo speakers and the cable box - still OK. Hooked up the DVD player - still no problem.

Two things are different with the current hookup that is working, and the one that's failing:
1. Component video now goes directly from the DVD and cable box to the TV. Previously I ran the video to the rcvr and then out to the TV.
2. The rcvr is sitting on a box in front of the TV stand. Previously the rcvr was on a shelf in the TV stand.

I haven't had time to debug this any further but I'm thinking that the problem is caused by:
1. The shelf on the TV stand is too shallow. To fit the rcvr on the shelf the cables and spkr wires are pressed against the back of the TV stand. This is causing some kind of short or interference that sends the rcvr into protect mode. (most likely)
2. Routing the video through the rcvr is causing the problem. I would be suprised if this is the case since when the problem originally happened, the video was fine even when the rcvr was in protect mode.

When I get the chance, I'll try running the video through the rcvr. If that's OK, I'll need to find a way to get the rcvr on the TV stand shelf without stressing the cabling, or find another place to put the rcvr.

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Don, don't discount the heat problem. These units are very sensitive to overheating as they rely on convection cooling. Setting the receiver inside the stand could be cutting off the needed airflow.

You should allow at least 2-3in above and behind the unit as well as an open front and rear. Onkyo does a poor job advising of this issue. As you will see in this forum, many suffer the same problem, only they don't understand the impact of the overheating on the output stages of the amplifier until its too late.

Do yourself a favor and get it out into the open or place a muffin fan in you TV stand.
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