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I have a Kenwood 6070 receiver, six channels of power and pre-outs for everything. I also have a Nakamichi 620 amp (100 watts per channel). All five speakers are two way bookshelfs and the sub is a 10" passive. I currently have the Nakamichi amp driving the passive sub via the LFE Subwoofer output. I am thinking about running the passive sub and the fronts through the Nakamichi in series using the Kenwood front preouts. ( I want to listen to audio thruough the Nakamichi, for better sound) When I set the front speaker size to large and the sub off what will happen? Where will the low frequency from the center and rears go, will it be lost? Will the LFE be lost? Or is this just a bad idea? To make things crazier I could also get another passive sub (they are cheap) and power it from the sixth channel of the Kenwood through the LFE output. Two subs one passive and one active and the front speakers set to large. What do you think?

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