Onkyo 770 ?


I am planning on getting the Onkyo 770 and I had to ask a stupid question...I had planned to hook up my components as follows: DVD to multi-channel...DVD recorder to Video 1...TV to Video 2...VCR to Tape...Gamecube to CD. Would this hookup be ok or should I say is it ok to for example hookup the Gamecube to the CD input instead of a CD player. I am also wanting to hookup the Gamecube and the DVD to the Component inputs. Is this ok? I know these are newbie questions but you have to ask. thanks in advance and I look forward to some great answers.


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You can hook them up to the component inputs but only one component output will force you to do one at a time. But as for sound, I'd hook up your DVD player and Game Cube with optical cable if they can be connected with them. Optical or coaxial cable will give you digital sound (for Dolby Digital and DTS) so I wouldn't bother with multi-channel unless that's the best possible audio option.

Without multichannel you cannot listen to DVD audio or SACD. thats why I was going to hook up the multichannel. I had planned on using a optical cable for the dvd as well. My main concern was that the inputs labeled as CD were not just for a CD player and could be used for anything. I appreciate your response.

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