DTS w/ bad system or pro-logic with good?


I'm planning on purchasing a new HT setup, but until then...
-I have an extremely crappy reciever that has Optical DTS inputs, but I also have a very nice old sony reciever, but only with the old stereo RCA inputs.
-I know I can get pro-logic on the old sony. (I will be using surround speakers in the setup.)
-I'm just wondering, is it worth going to Pro-logic on the old, but nice, sony, or stick with the very crappy reciever (Aiwa receiver) with DTS capability? What do you think?
Thanks - Kyle

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A good subwoofer and HT speaker system can make a not-so-good 5.1 receiver sound much better. Of course the Sony would sound better in stereo mode but in surround mode, Dolby Prologic only gives you mono surround with very limited frequency range (70-10,000Hz or so, if I remember correctly) whereas Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 would give you 5 full range channels (20-20,000Hz) plus a Low Frequency Effect .1 channel that makes your DTS and DD movies explode in your living room :-). If the Aiwa can put out at least 50W/channel in surround mode, I would go with the Aiwa and a good speaker system + a decent subwoofer.
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