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I just bought the Yamaha HTR-5760 receiver, along with a 5-speaker system (Bose Acoustimass 6 Series III speakers, which also comes with the Acoustimass module/subwoofer). I am totally new to the home theater business, and have the following questions:

1. I have hooked up the speakers as follows: 2 as front speakers (A), 1 as the center speaker, and 2 as surround speakers. Is this correct?

2. When I hook everything up and perform auto setup using YPAO, each speaker emits sounds normally. But, in the end I get warning W-1 on some speaker(s) being 'out of phase'. However, I have repeatedly checked my connections, and they are correct. Also, even if I follow the W-1 recommendations and change the polarity on speaker x and rerun the auto setup, I get another similar warning on speaker y being out of phase, and so on. The upshot is that I have never been able to complete the auto setup process successfully. Why does this happen, and is there a way to complete the auto setup process even if I ignore these W-1 warnings?

3. My center and 2 surround speakers in the back sound very low. I have tried to adjust the speaker levels, but that does not seem to help.

4. The center speaker is only active when I play some DVDs. Is that normal? Does the center speaker ever work when the audio input is analog (2 RCA stereo connectors) ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I have the Yamaha HTR-5790 receiver, which is a similar receiver and also fetures YPAO. It is matched to 7.1 klipsch F-3 speakers and the Velodyne DLS 3500 sub.

1. Your set up seems ok.

2. I didn't have any problems while using the auto set up with my speakers. I'm sure that the receiver is not the problem. Personally I don't like Bose speakers because of their low review scores, high prices, building materials and because they don't publish any of their specifications. I'm sure that some of their "technolgy" is interfering with Yamaha's YPAO auto set up features. In my opinion, your speakers are not a good match for your high quality receiver.

3. I'm sure is the speakers.

4. The center speaker should always be on when playing 5.1 Surround sound DVDs. You know that you have a 5.1 signal because if you look at the right of your receivers screen, 5 speakers are shown lit. The center speaker also works when using some sound fields like DTS neo6:music or cinema even when using stereo RCA connections(the receiver's screen won't show the center or surround sound speakers lit though.)
If you have more questions or concerns I'll be happy to help. My e-mail address is

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Hey Avi, I just got the same set up. How did it work out in the end? How is the sound for both Music and DVD?
I have had Bose speakers and a Yamaha Disc (with a Denon receiver in the past, and was hoping to enjoy this set up?
I havent set mine up yet.

I am planning to setup a home theater system and I am checking Yamaha RXV-2500 receiver and Infinity Modulus speakers. Is that a good combination? I do not have much idea about these things.


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I ended up on this forum while trying to solve my problems. I also have the htr5760 and the bose acoustimass 10 series III. For the Bose system... I didn't spend enought time to read the reviews, the receiver brand and model were decided over a period of 2 weeks... I'm also looking for info about this combination Yamaha + Bose... seems like most of the people posting here are in search of answers...

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I too have the 5760 and Bose Acoustimass 6 module. Everything sounds good on my system except I am not getting much sound from the surround speakers L and R that are in the back of the listening area. I am not sure high much I should increase the sound level of those speakers. I can do that in test mode but I don't know what the level should be.

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Hey everyone. I just bought a Yamaha RXV-2500 and the Bose AM-15 II and am having the same problems...low sound output from the surround speakers and no output from the sub. Bose didn't have an answer except for "you shouldn't have run the auto set-up", which isn't anywhere in their literature. If anyone has found a solution, please let us know.
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