Yahaha RX-V350 lip sync problems


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I recently purchased a Yamaha AV package 50, in the package I got a RX-V350 receiver, a subwoofer and 5 surround speakers. Connected to the receiver inputs I have a Video player, DVD player, Xbox and freeview TV. The 'out' RCA's on the receiver go to the TV for sound and picture.

My problem is that when I watch any of the above devices with the signal going through the RX-V350 I get poor lip sync on the TV, the sound coming out of the speakers (from the receiver) is out of time (it is noticeably late). Now the weird thing is that when I turn down the sound on the receiver and turn up the sound on the TV speakers it sounds fine (even though the signal for the sound from the TV is coming from the out RCA's on the RX-V350 receiver). If I turn on both the sound from the TV speaker and the sound from the speakers connected to the receiver I get an echo effect. On the receiver I have checked the setup for the distance of the speakers audio delay, yet nothing seems to fix the problem.

How can I fix this problem with my product?

I thought that maybe the reason for the delay was because the amplifier has so much inboard processing it has caused a noticeable delay with the sound? Is this the case? Also are the audio out RCA's on the back of the receiver subject to any processing? I would think this not the case as the TV has no lag when connected to them.


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I've been thinking of getting one of these.
Did you ever solve your problem or is it a fault with this model?

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